School District Implements a Mitel Phone System Through Sourcewell

By: Marco
August 23, 2018

Mitel phone system for school district with Sourcewell

All across the nation, school districts continually face budget cuts, leading to financial hurdles. The push to make their dollars go further can be a difficult task, especially with the ever-present need to stay up-to-date with current technologies. So how does a district stay current, reduce spending, and maintain quality products and services? One solution is Sourcewell cooperative contracts.

Today, we’re sharing one Colorado school district’s experience with implementing a Mitel phone system through Sourcewell cooperative contracts.

MITEL + Sourcewell = Success 

Through their Sourcewell contract, District 70 in Pueblo Colorado was able to reduce their monthly costs by 50 percent and project a savings of $400,000 over the life of their contract. If District 70 had gone with another vendor, that decision would have tripled their monthly costs. 

As District 70 decreased their costs, they also increased their communication capabilities. Through their Mitel vendor contract, District 70 purchased new equipment, connected their entire campus through a single Mitel phone system, added voicemail to email and incorporated conferencing capabilities. 

The Sourcewell contract allowed this district to satisfy the competitive solicitation requirement, without having to duplicate documentation or replicate the solicitation, which ended up saving a lot of time and resources for superintendents, procurement directors and other purchasing authorities.  

Sourcewell Cooperative Contracts for Education, Government, and Non-Profit Agencies

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