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    What Managed Services Mean for Your Business [Infographic]

    By: Trevor Akervik
    May 13, 2020

    Marco’s managed services are a proven, strategic method businesses use to further operations and lower expenses. Because managed services allow businesses to outsource IT – especially those day-to-day technical management responsibilities and functions – businesses of all shapes and sizes are wondering what managed services can do for them. To give you a glimpse, we’ve put together this infographic:

    Managed Services Infographic

    Marco Managed Services Infographic

    How Managed Services Benefit your Business

    Here is a closer look at each of the points made in the infographic above.

    Reduce Downtime 

    When problems pop up, the time it takes to fix them has an impact on your bottom line. Our full-time help desk staff know how to give businesses the help they need. In fact, we’re able to resolve 97 percent of our customers’ service issues remotely. That means 97 percent of the time, our customers don’t have to wait for a technician to be dispatched when service issues show up.

    Provide Strategic IT

    Outsourced IT can still be dynamic, proactive and hyper-focused on your business goals. We can keep a focus on everything from security to server maintenance and monitoring. Our approach to outsourced IT keeps things functioning optimally on the day-to-day while keeping a focus on the big picture of your technology roadmap and the strategic initiatives it’ll take to get you where you’re going.

    Track and Share Performance Metrics

    With a detailed business review every six months, our customers always have a clear picture of how their managed services are impacting their business. We go over your performance benchmarks and provide data to show how we’re delivering your services. That way, our customers always know how their service stacks up.

    Enable Growth

    Managed services provide the technical management businesses require to keep operations running smoothly and the technical industry expertise to enable business growth. With managed services, technology advancements are implemented intentionally in order to help businesses grow and scale according to their strategic initiatives.

    Increase Productivity and Decrease Staff Frustrations

    With all of the support that managed services provide, internal employees are able to focus on the nature of their work, instead of always being distracted or slowed down by technology issues. By meeting the needs of end users and ensuring they have the technology they need to perform their work, employees spend less time feeling frustrated and more time achieving company initiatives.

    Types of Managed Services

    There are many different types of managed services that your company can take advantage of. Two of our most popular managed services options are Managed IT Services and Managed Print Services.

    Managed IT Services

    Managed IT Services enable organizations to keep their business technologies up-to-date with the latest versions without adding additional expenses. Managed IT allows businesses to hand over the responsibility of infrastructure issues, connection problems and software downtime to a managed services provider.

    Managed Print Services

    Managed Print Services is a program where a print provider manages all aspects of your business printing devices including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. By optimizing these devices, businesses save money, produce less paper waste and increase efficiency.


    The greatest benefit of managed services is that they leave your internal department unburdened and able to focus on developing and implementing strategic initiatives capable of moving your business forward. Want to learn more about Marco’s managed services? Contact a Marco rep.

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