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    Trained and Experienced Wide Format Printing Techs, At Your Service

    By: Jeff Vetter
    August 19, 2015

    Managed print services are an increasingly popular option for companies looking to operate a more productive and efficient fleet of printers. When it comes to wide format printers, not all providers are the same. Here's how we approach our print partnerships with companies:

    Trained Technicians


    When your wide format printer needs repairs or routine maintenance, it's important to entrust this vital service to a technician who knows what to do. All Marco print technicians are trained and certified to work on the wide format printer brands we carry. This includes the major names in the industry, notably KIP, HP and Canon.

    Nearly 30 Years of Experience with Wide Format Printers

    Education is no substitute for experience. When you work with a print provider, you want to know that they've done this before, and ideally with an organization similar to yours. Our experts have experience working with wide format printers since 1985. Early wide format printers were first introduced in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but it wasn't until early digital art advances in the early 1990s that these printers became increasingly popular. With nearly 30 years of experience, Marco has established itself as a technology expert that has grown in knowledge alongside the expansion of wide format printing.

    Growing with the Industry

    We were there when pen plotting was the norm in CAD design and printing. We adjusted with the adoption of thermal plotters. And, we watched as inkjet models were replaced by dry toner and digital output machines.

    The point isn't that Marco has seen it all, but rather, that Marco has been there to learn with each shift in the industry, providing knowledge and expertise that remains ahead of the curve. This kind of experience and vision benefits any business operating in a changing industry, and also those with the vision to bring about significant change in their own industry.

    Support from a Technology Expert

    All the experience and training in the world is of little value if your print provider doesn't have a timely response. Marco offers a 4-hour promise on response times. Although the quoted time is four hours, the average Marco wide format print customer receives service within 2 to 2.5 hours.

    In addition to providing the support needed, when it is needed, a Marco technician will call you within 20 minutes of receiving your request for service, regardless of the circumstances. This gives Marco a chance to explore the issue with you and show up ready to tackle the problem head on, while giving you the peace of mind that your problems are being addressed, not ignored.

    All-Around Technology Expert

    Marco's certified technicians know your wide format printer inside and out, but the expertise of its tech crew doesn't end there. As a technology expert, Marco employees have the knowledge and experience to determine the problem, even if it isn't with your wide format printer. Whether the issue is with the device itself, a connecting device, file sizes or operating system compatibility, a Marco technician can get to the bottom of the issue and get your print jobs back into production sooner.

    Service Where You Need It

    Marco prides itself on being an excellent local provider, but that doesn't mean the company lacks the footprint to help its customers both near and far. Marco has expanded throughout the region, and has become a single resource for businesses throughout the Midwest and nationally, whether you operate one location or multiple branches across the country.

    The goal is to provide all Marco customers with a consistent level of quality support for their wide format printers and related technology, whether you are just down the street, two towns over or three states away.

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