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    Strategies for Optimizing The ROI of Managed Print Services

    By: Marco
    January 19, 2017

    Managed Print Services, or MPS, takes the ongoing management and maintenance of your printer fleet off of your company’s shoulders and places it in the hands of an experienced print provider. With the attention to assessment, monitoring and reporting under a managed print services program, building ROI becomes much easier. But MPS is only as good as the service team that stands behind it.

    Managed Print Services and ROI

    The ROI of Managed Print ServicesIf your company has a managed print service program already in place, you may have established short- and long-term goals during your initial meeting. Oftentimes, goals are related to productivity, workflow, document management, security and/or cost reduction. Ongoing reporting with these goals in mind is one of the most important service aspects of your MPS program because it helps measure and analyze progress. This analysis helps you understand your true return on investment – your ROI.

    Depending on the size of the managed print environment, we generally report on progress every six months. During the review, our clients are provided with detailed reports and summaries of their printer fleet – highlighting performance, efficiency and opportunities to increase productivity.

    Here, I've laid out the major components of Marco's Managed Print Services' recurring business reviews and included examples of how this can help increase your ROI.

    Supply Order History Reporting

    A report of your printer supply purchase history (i.e. toner) will be provided. This will allow you to compare these costs against your previous purchases. Most organizations see significant cost-savings at their first review that remain consistent moving forward. This help organizations budget for printer supply expenses in the future.

    Service Call History Reporting

    All of the service requests made, what the issue was, who made the call and when the issue was resolved are documented and analyzed in the service call history report. This data identifies common issues that may be occurring and highlights all major device or user concerns.

    For example, if the Help Desk is getting numerous calls about setting up emails on your printers, it may mean your employees could benefit from additional training to enable them to solve this issue independently.

    Device Utilization Reporting

    Device utilization reports detail which printers are utilized the most and least. Reports can be run by device, by department and by individual user. You may use one or all of these data points depending on your initial established goals. Examples of the type of user information reviewed include:

    • Total pages printed
    • Total color vs. black and white prints/copies
    • Total single or duplexed pages
    • Number of scanned or faxed documents

    This information gives a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s current print performance and helps uncover opportunities for equipment placement. For example, you may wish to relocate a newer or higher functioning device to an area where there's more usage. 

    Device Utilization Executive Summary

    This report provides a high-level summarized overview of all managed print devices. It highlights major issues or concerns and helps define which needs are the most pressing in relation to your goals.

    Average Monthly Copy/Print Volume by Device

    Each device in the Managed Print program is monitored for average monthly copy and print volume. This report helps you understand which devices are becoming less efficient over time. If devices cannot be repaired cost effectively, they could be moved to a less active location or replaced to optimize workflow.

    MPS Agreement Coverage

    Finally, a review of your agreement is done to address any questions that arose during this review. This is also a good time to address any adjustments based on changing business needs.

    A managed print service provider can help you improve performance, generate efficiency and increase productivity. Request a free print assessment to see how an MPS program could help your organization.

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