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    Proving the Value of Managed Print Services through Data

    By: Dan Larkin
    July 20, 2018

    Proving the Value of Managed Print Services through DataIt is one thing for a service provider to tell you that they can save your business money, but it is even more impressive when they actually do it. Print environments are data-driven, and when you work with a managed print services provider you can see the proof that the service you pay for is saving your company money. Marco's managed print services offer clients exactly that: data as proof of success.

    Beginning with a Benchmark

    In order to provide data to your company for future comparison, your provider needs to perform a print audit to capture a snapshot of your current print environment. This initial assessment looks at the number and type of devices in your office, operating costs, maintenance schedules and supplies/inventory. With this information in hand, you'll receive regular data updates in the future that shows you how Managed Print Services are saving you money and identifies new opportunities to enhance your print environment.

    Access to Metrics

    Ink and toner costs represent one of the largest expenses in your print environment. Initial assessments focus on analyzing your company's print volume in both black and white and color prints.

    Gartner, a tech analyst firm, has already found that the average organization spends between 1% and 3% of its annual revenue supporting printing within the company. Before you can realize, or visualize, savings through Managed Print Services, your provider needs to collect the necessary information to establish a starting point. This information will be used in the future as a point of comparison as your print environment is streamlined and optimized.

    Client Reviews to Report on Metrics

    Another metric used to justify Managed Print Services is a comparison of your company's service calls and inventory management processes before you sign a MPS agreement with a provider. For example, how many times did your company make service calls on print devices in the past six months? How many of those calls were successfully closed?

    With Managed Print Services, you not only receive metrics that prove the cost savings you enjoy on printing itself, but also on service and support for your devices. Managed print providers offer service and inventory support as part of your MPS agreement.

    Another critical factor is an assessment of the top 10% and bottom 10% of devices in your office based upon print volume. How are the devices placed throughout the office, and are certain printers being over- or under-utilized? Analyzing these metrics allows a managed print provider to show you how devices can be redeployed throughout the office to enhance efficiency, saving money in the long run.

    Make Adjustments Going Forward

    Proving the value of Managed Print Services is a two-part process. Collecting data on your current print environment and highlighting potential areas of savings is just the start. Your business will also need to make adjustments based upon those metrics. Managed Print Services provide you with objectives to follow that can help you and your employees adjust print activities and optimize devices to save money and streamline printing.

    Keep in mind though, these recommendations aren't pulled out of thin air or based upon average statistics from other company print environments. The first two steps in gathering metrics allow a managed print provider to offer your company print consulting that is based on metrics and proven with verifiable data from your organization. That data is gathered from your print environment, making the adjustments and potential savings applicable to the uniqueness of your business.

    Supporting Your MPS Agreement with Data

    Data specific to you will be used throughout your MPS agreement to support the value of Managed Print Services. The discussion about managed print begins with data showing you how much your company can save, and metrics are used throughout to show the progress your company is making towards its savings goal.

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