Mitel and Microsoft Teams Users Just Got Some Shiny New Features

By: Chris Darr
February 16, 2023

Wish Microsoft Teams integrated better with legacy phone systems? If you’re also a Mitel user, there’s good news… 

Mitel just put out a fabulous blog on the new tools and functionalities specifically designed to delight Microsoft Teams users, and it has us pretty excited over here. If you’ve got a few minutes, I’d recommend giving it a read. But I also wanted to create a CliffsNotes version for our extra-busy folks.

Here goes…  

New Telephony Integrations You’ll Love

If you use both Mitel and Microsoft Teams to communicate, here’s what you’ll get: 

1. Users who activate their phone licenses on Teams can enjoy direct routing that connects with Mitel endpoints through certified session border controllers (SBCs), providing a unified telephony framework that can be controlled from the Teams environment. 

2. Teams users who don’t purchase Microsoft phone licenses can still integrate their telephony system with Teams through Mitel’s telephony-only client in MiCollab.

3. Mitel Assistant is available through the app store for free and allows you to make and transfer calls, search directories, set speed dials, import contacts, activate three-way conferencing, and more…all without having to leave your Teams screen. And as you can see from their image below, this feature is simple and intuitive to use.Mitel assistant computer

4. You’ll be able to see in Outlook when a colleague is on a PBX-based call even if they don’t use Teams. And if you need help right away, calls will be intelligently routed to the next available user. 

Check out this slick demo:

How These Integrations Can Help Healthcare and Hospitality Businesses 

Mitel’s blog also offers real-world examples of how its new capabilities can improve customer and patient experiences. Here’s the condensed version: 


Microsoft Teams is great for video collaboration between different healthcare facilities. But in an emergency scenario (or for mobile service workers), the Mitel Assistant app can help you get information and stay connected on the go.


Once again, Teams is great for communicating with other hotel staff, but guests prefer to connect with your staff through in-room phones. With Mitel’s new integrations, housekeeping — for example — can now use those same phone lines to let front desk staff know ASAP when a room is ready for new guests. 


Toggling between two different communications tools can be frustrating, but with Mitel’s new integrations with Microsoft Teams, your staff can get the best of both worlds quicker and without all the toggling. Nice work, Mitel!

Hook Me Up!

If you’re not a Mitel or Teams user (yet) but would like to take advantage of these new integrations, who you buy from matters. Thanks to our strategic partnership with Mitel, we can provide competitive prices on user-friendly, full-featured solutions. And because we’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can also provide best-in-class support for Microsoft Teams. 

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