Microsoft Teams

A Fully Integrated Tool is Already Here

While new collaboration tools are flooding the market, Microsoft rises to the top of the list. Instead of designing a new collaboration ecosystem, Teams is fully integrated with the powerful Microsoft apps you’re already familiar with. Seamlessly integrating collaboration into your existing workflows and processes.

Collaboration Suite

Cloud-Based Phone System

A native phone system can connect you to co-workers, colleagues and clients through any smart device.

Video and Audio Conferencing

Meetings are more inclusive with Microsoft Teams — video conferencing can support up to 250 participants, and those with an unreliable connection can dial in.

Integrated Office Suite

Easily share Microsoft Word and other Office 365 files in real-time and customize your workspace to feature apps you frequently use.


Intuitive Scheduling

A virtual scheduling assistant makes it easier than ever to book a meeting and invite collaboration from outside your organization. Microsoft Teams also is fully integrated with Outlook and Shifts, so your calendars will always be in sync, and your staff can adjust or swap their work schedules as needed.


Leveraging decades of expertise in the industry, Microsoft is able to invest more than $500 million each and every year to focus on developing best-in-class cybersecurity solutions. Microsoft Teams comes with the same compliance standards and controls that are shared throughout Office 365.


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Reduce Frustration

Reduce confusion and frustration from tracking conversations across multiple platforms

Communicate Anywhere

Communicate from anywhere to those inside or outside of your organization seamlessly

Familiar Apps

Use Microsoft and other third-party apps you’re already familiar with to collaborate in real time

Add Office 365 Features

Easily add other Office 365 features and services as needed

Add Marco's Management and Support

Microsoft spends $1B on cybersecurity every year, but it’s up to end users to apply security settings correctly! As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we can help you set up, secure, and maintain this incredibly powerful, feature-rich platform. 

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Get expert support for Microsoft Teams when you partner with Marco. Trusted expertise from a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner.

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