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By: Marco
May 10, 2024

Yes. We know — most “technology assessments” are very different. Ours isn’t just a simple scan, where we spit out a bunch of data and you’re left to sort it out. Instead, the Marco Technology Assessment is designed to answer questions like these: 

  • As business technology continues to grow and evolve, how does your organization currently stack up versus your competition? 
  • How do you know you’re getting the ROI that you’re paying for from an IT provider? 
  • Do you have any hidden areas of risk that could cost you your business? 

We made sure that our assessment was able to show business owners their technology landscape in a way that is accessible and actionable. Here are the basics…

Should You Get a Technology Assessment for Your Business?tech specialist investigating

If you have a highly skilled CIO on staff who’s continually working to align your technology with your goals and optimize your infrastructure, you’re lucky! In that case, you might not need a Marco Technology Assessment…unless, of course, you’d like to get an outsider’s opinion now and then — preferably one that’s familiar with what your competitors are doing. 

We do offer fractional CIO and CISO services if ongoing mentorship would be a better fit for your organization. However, if you just need a technology check-up now and then, an assessment can provide incredible insight into your infrastructure without requiring a big commitment.  

Every business is different, but there are a few scenarios where a Marco Technology Assessment could be a game-changer. For example, if you suspect your business may have any single points of failure in your infrastructure, your cybersecurity solutions haven’t been updated in the past few years, or you want a heads-up about any upgrades you need to make so you can plan your budget accordingly. 

Top 10 Business Benefits You Get From a Tech Assessment

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Businesses interested in any of the following stand to benefit from a technology assessment:

  1. Get a second opinion on your technology 
  2. See what another provider would do for you
  3. Identify and mitigate any hidden risks
  4. Get help meeting compliance standards
  5. Learn how to match your technology to your goals 
  6. Align with industry best practices
  7. Solve security issues
  8. Get recommendations for the next five years
  9. Get leadership and IT teams on the same page
  10. Find out what’s working well for other organizations like yours

Many of today’s businesses don’t have a solid understanding of whether their infrastructure is helping or hurting their business. A Marco Technology Assessment can change that.

What To Expect With a Marco Tech Assessment

Our assessments include a thorough investigation, so our results go far beyond what any diagnostic scanning tool could provide.

A Comprehensive Audit

Our assessment begins by gathering a baseline understanding of your organization’s technology. This is the portion where things get a bit technical, but basically, by using software in addition to a series of in-depth interviews, we are able to find any hidden risks lurking in your environment. 

We group our findings into twelve key areas: 

areas of investigation

Clear Findings and Actionable Recommendations

As data and information pertaining to each of those twelve areas is analyzed, we determine how each area is currently impacting your organization. Each area receives one of three scores:

  1. High risk
  2. Moderate risk
  3. Up to industry best practices

During a post-assessment presentation, we cover the scores for all twelve areas. For areas that were identified as a moderate or high risk, we share the concerns that led us to that conclusion. Additionally, we explain how the concerns in each area impact your organization and share our recommendations for how to bring each area up to meet best practices. 

At the very least, an assessment will give businesses peace of mind that their technology is up to industry best practices. At best, it will uncover exactly which areas within their infrastructure pose the greatest risk and what steps they can take to eliminate those risks.

Other Marco Assessments 

If you’d prefer that we focus our attention on preventing cyberattacks, we also offer more focused cybersecurity assessments and penetration testing. We also offer lifecycle asset discovery services if you’d like to get a handle on what should get upgraded or updated and when.  

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