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    Meet the Marco Technology Assessment

    By: Justin Bigger
    April 2, 2018

    As business technology continues to grow and evolve, how do you know how your organization stacks up? If getting a pulse on how your current technology is impacting your business leaves you confused instead of informed, the Marco Technology Assessment might be for you. We developed the assessment to show business owners their technology landscape in a way that is accessible and actionable. Here are the basics ...

    How BUSINESSES BENEFIT FROM Marco’s Technology Assessment 

    Meet the Marco Technology AssessmentBusinesses interested in any of the following stand to benefit from a technology assessment:

    • Mitigating risk
    • Meeting compliance standards
    • Optimizing their technology
    • Aligning with industry best practices
    • Solving security issues

    Marco's Technology Assessment gives businesses a clear picture of the current state of their business technology. Many of today’s businesses don’t have a solid understanding of whether their infrastructure is helping or hurting their business. Marco's Technology Assessment changes that.

    An Onsite Audit

    The assessment begins by gathering a baseline understanding of your organization’s technology. This is the portion where things get a bit technical, but basically, by using software and an onsite technician, we gather information on your current environment. This information is used to assess your business technology and identify any knowable risks. To keep things easy to understand, we group the findings into 12 key areas: 

    Meet the Marco Technology Assessment

    Clear Findings and Actionable Recommendations

    As data and information pertaining to each of those 12 areas is analyzed, we determine how each area is currently impacting your organization. Each area receives one of three scores:

    1. High risk
    2. Moderate risk
    3. Up to industry best practices

    During a post-assessment presentation, we cover the scores for all 12 areas. For areas that were identified as a moderate or high risk, we share the concerns that led us to that conclusion. Additionally, we explain how the concerns in each area impact your organization and share our recommendations for how to bring each area up to meet best practices. 

    At the very least, an assessment will give businesses peace of mind that their technology is up to industry best practices. At best, it will uncover exactly which areas within their infrastructure pose the greatest risk and what steps they can take to eliminate those risks. Want to learn more?

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