Lifecycle Asset Discovery

No More Unpleasant Surprises

What IT assets do you own, where are they, and how long do you have before they fail? If you can’t answer these questions, you’re not alone. If your spreadsheet is no longer sufficient to keep track of your assets, we can help.
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What is IT Asset Management?

Each and every IT asset has a lifecycle, and every component has independent timelines for maintenance, repair, upgrades and replacement.

In order to manage all of these assets, you need to at least know:

  • What assets you currently own and operate
  • The lifecycle of each asset
  • Any support renewals
  • If your assets are still meeting minimum best practices
  • Which assets require the timeliest attention

With this information, business owners can better manage their technology and plan for short and long-term technology needs.    

Two individuals sharing a laptop

Our Comprehensive Approach

No matter the size of your organization, we can gather and organize information about your assets and put together a straightforward procurement plan. We will gather data surrounding:

  • Workstations – operating system, make, model, serial number
  • Servers – operating system, domain controllers, available disk space
  • Infrastructure – make, model, serial number, firmware version
  • Security – domain admins, password strength, windows security updates
  • Applications – complete software list, versions and devices

After the discovery is complete, you’ll have a list of all discoverable IT assets operating on your network and the information you need to manage them.

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Need Help?

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re the last to know when your server is about to fail, it’s time to get a better handle on your assets. Our experts will help you get ahead of your business technology and keep you there.