Managed Print Services Can Reduce Expenses, Improve Your Bottom Line

By: Dan Larkin
December 20, 2021

Revenue_IncreaseThere are several factors to analyze when considering Managed Print Services for your organization.

On one hand, are the cost-saving benefits managed print delivers when it comes to maintenance and supplies. On the other hand, is the actual expense of the service. Managed Print Services costs money, while saving businesses from having to make large capital expenditures in the process.

Yet, what many businesses forget to consider is the third financial factor in the Managed Print Services triangle: revenue growth. Employing a managed print provider isn't just about spending money to save money; it's about spending money to make money, too.

Unleash Your IT Staff's Full Potential

When a business relies on its in-house IT staff to try to manage all of its print devices, maintenance schedules for equipment, updates, repairs and supplies, the vision of the IT department shifts from long-term, strategic goals to the daily tasks of solving paper jams, connection issues and other minor frustrations.

Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider unleashes the full potential of your internal IT department by freeing up staff to focus on the strategic future of your company. Rather than helping employees when print jobs are stuck in the print queue, IT staff can stay focused on implementing and monitoring security software that protects your company's customer data or developing system plans that enable IT infrastructure to grow adequately with the business.

If your IT department is bogged down putting out small fires with print devices around the office, it isn't focused on its core competencies, such as network infrastructure, security and strategic projects.

Businesses that partner with a Managed Print Services provider can forget about things like printer maintenance and copier maintenance contracts. As a Managed Print Services provider, Marco can take care of printer repair, replacement and security.

Understand The Real Cost Of Printing

pexels-kindel-media-7054757Lowering expenses related to business operations is an effective tool for boosting profits. When businesses view printing costs as simply the price of paper and toner, the real cost of printing is underestimated substantially.

GreenPrint Technologies completed a study uncovering the total cost of printing. Here's what they found: A single sheet of paper is 13 to 31 times the purchase price of paper used by employees. With the average employee using 10,000 sheets of paper a year, at $.06 to $.13 per page, businesses are spending between $600 and $1,300 each year per employee for printing.

Stop Wasting Paper

If the real cost of printing isn't enough to make business owners stop and think, the amount of waste that occurs in the average office will. On average, one in five pages that are printed aren't wanted or used.

Examples of common wasted printing include:

  • Web printouts that have only a banner ad or URL at the top of a follow-up page
  • Endless legal jargon that comes with certain online purchases (think airline tickets)
  • Chain of comments attached to email replies
These one-off pages are often overlooked because they occur one at a time throughout the year, but over time, they can take a toll on your bottom line.

Managed Print Services Can Help

The benefits of MPS extend beyond cost savings and can assist revenue growth. A Managed Print provider will free up employees across the company to remain focused on their talents and the core goals of the business, which helps them achieve operational objectives without worrying about printer problems that arise over time.

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