5 FAQs About the Different Types of Cloud Computing

By: Trevor Akervik
May 8, 2019

If you're looking for the future of business technology, look to the cloud. Businesses that migrate to the cloud have an easier time with A LOT of today's technology-related frustrations, like accessibility, scalability, performance, management and staying up-to-date. But a decision to migrate to "the cloud" will be met with a question: Which cloud? 

Cloud Computing FAQs

Young adult woman with a data tower drawing server, network, web app, monitor and data base imagesIn its simplest form, there are three types of cloud computing: public, private and hybrid. We previously published a detailed breakdown of each of the three types of cloud computing. And today, we're covering some of the frequently asked questions customers ask when they're trying to determine which one is right for their business.

1. Which Type of Cloud Computing Updates the Fastest? 

This one is a toss-up. Updating software programs is a quick and simple process for businesses who operate from either a public cloud or a private cloud. 

2. Which Type of Cloud Computing Is Easiest To Manage? 

Cloud management that can occur remotely is the easiest. This is always possible with a public cloud, and it is usually possible with a hybrid cloud as well. When network administrators are able to manage without traveling to the physical location, it reduces the time required for management. For this reason, managing a private cloud is considered more difficult.

3. Which Type of Cloud Computing Offers the Best Security? 

Due to the fact that the applications and hardware it runs on are designed just for your organization's access, the private cloud offers the best security. With the private cloud, your security solution can be custom fit to specifically match the needs of your organization.

However, the hybrid cloud offers a close second when it comes to security. Organizations with a hybrid cloud can protect their VPN (virtual private network) by securing their security software within their firewall. With the right commitment to security, any type of cloud computing can be very secure. On the other hand, any of the three types of cloud computing can become vulnerable without enough attention to IT security best practices

4. Which Type of Cloud Computing Is the Highest Performing? 

Organizations with have a private cloud experience the strongest network performance. In large part, this is due to the infrastructure specifications that can be built with just your company's needs in mind. 

5. Which Type of Cloud Computing Is the Most Scalable? 

It's important to choose a cloud that fits your company's growth plan. Whether you plan to grow your number of employees or number of services offered, public and hybrid clouds give you the best ability to meet the needs that come along with company growth. 

Do You Have More Questions About Cloud Computing? 

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