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    Copiers, St. Cloud - That's Where It Started, But Here's Why We Stayed

    By: Marco
    October 9, 2014

    Gary (Marsden) and Dave (Marquardt) had 2 things in common; the first was the first three letters in their last name, M, A, and R. And the second was their dream to start a company. And this is how Marco began.

    copiers,_st._cloudIn 1973, Gary and Dave purchased a small typewriter shop in St. Cloud, Minnesota. However, this wasn’t the plan all along – the original plan was to start a business in the Twin Cities, where all the action was taking place. Unfortunately, the business they wanted to buy, The Typewriter Shop, was advertised in the wrong section in the paper, leading them to believe they were interested in a Minneapolis based business.

    But, the price was right and the passion was strong, so Gary and Dave decided to move forward with their St. Cloud business. One of their first moves as new business owners was to expand beyond typewriters, into additional business products and services. During our second year of business, we began marketing our first line of copiers to St. Cloud area businesses. Five years later we added Sharp copiers to our offering, a model we still sell today, and copier sales and services became our most profitable area of business.

    Everything Happens for a Reason

    Though our history “technically” started with typewriters, the copier business set the stage for business growth today. At that time, it was copier technology replacing Mimeograph machines and typewriters were replaced by PCs – today VoIP is replacing traditional phones and data centers are reducing on premise storage.

    With technology there is always something new and better right around the corner. As a technology provider, it is imperative to know and prepare for what is coming next, and determine if or how it will provide value to businesses.

    We Hold Copiers and St. Cloud in a Special Place in Our Hearts

    So, as you can see, copiers hold a special place in our history – but so does St. Cloud. St. Cloud is where it all began, and it remains the place Marco (headquarters) calls home. Here are a few reasons we enjoy doing business in Saint Cloud, MN:

    #1: It’s Home

    Home is where family is, where you feel most comfortable and where you learned and began. Much of our maturing as a business took place in St. Cloud. Our initial growth, fundamental experiences and commitment to community started in St. Cloud and we are proud to call this community home today.

    #2: It’s Seen Us at Our Best and Supported Us Every Step of the Way

    St. Cloud has been a strong part through many events, such as:

    • In 1987 when we opened our consolidated facility on Division Street
    • In 1989 when we began our employee stock ownership plan
    • When we became one of the first Minnesota Keystone Companies 
    • In 2004 when we were named one of the top 25 small businesses to work for in the US
    • In 2012 when we opened our new St. Cloud headquarters

    #3: We’re In Good Company

    Saint Cloud is home to many great businesses dedicated to supporting this community and beyond. We are proud to service many of these organizations, and continue our commitment to keep St. Cloud a good place to live and do business.


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