Business Communication And Collaboration Tools: How Marco Solves Your Puzzle

By: Marco
August 1, 2019

You sit down at a big folding card table, break the seal on a new cardboard jigsaw puzzle box and pour out all the pieces. Ah ... that new puzzle smell hits you as you immediately turn over every piece to see their colorful sides. The edge pieces are the first to get attention. They’re easy to identify with their flat edges. After the border is assembled, you dive into the middle—and the picture begins taking shape ...

That’s What We Do, Too

At work, my biggest satisfaction is solving client problems, and it’s not unlike building a jigsaw puzzle. Every technological tool in the Marco box is a piece with a unique shape. It fills a precise spot. And when intertwined with other corresponding pieces that “fit,” the puzzle comes to life and makes my customer’s business a united, collaborative, vibrant whole.

Quality At Any Quantity

Kids and grown-ups can tackle jigsaw puzzles with between 1,000 and 40,000 pieces. A toddler’s puzzle might have only around 10 pieces. While quantities vary, the fact remains: the pieces fit together to create something unique. Again, the same is true with Marco. We only specify, recommend and implement the most proven technological pieces to fit your organization’s size, shape, culture and communication and collaboration needs.

The Outer Frame

What are those edge pieces in your company’s puzzle? For many, particularly those with mission critical voice communications, the framework is having solid WAN connectivity, monitored and managed LAN infrastructure, labeled and updated cabling, and stable wireless connectivity. Marco delivers with the leading voice planning and design services, including VoIP readiness assessments.

three puzzle pieces coming together

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It’s technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular analog phone line. Users can rely on VoIP for all local, long-distance, mobile and international calls using a VoIP phone or calling directly from a computer or mobile device. That means you can employ VoIP while using Wi-Fi in locations at airports, parks, coffee shops and more when on the road. On-premise phone systems from Marco use your existing network infrastructure to deliver the following benefits:

  • Choose to purchase or lease hardware and software to suit your budget. ROI grows from day one, because the bulk of your investment is made up-front.
  • By transforming analog audio to digital data, we can tailor multiple communication tools and applications to enhance productivity and collaboration.
  • Your phone system is contained within your own network for improved security.
  • Marco handles everything from equipment sourcing and installation to training and ongoing support.

The Next Puzzle Piece: VaaS

We recommend VaaS (Voice as a Service) for small- and medium-sized businesses, with between 5-50 users per location, using a common VoIP telephone system across locations. Without the capital needed to buy and maintain your own equipment, VaaS from Marco boosts clear communication and collaboration with advanced business voice features including:

  • Reliable cloud-based service
  • Innovative PBX features and mobility options
  • The ease and flexibility to scale up or down as needs arise
  • 100% control with a professionally maintained VaaS web portal
  • 24/7 management and monitoring of your system by Marco

Completing The Puzzle With UCaaS

Many small- to mid-sized businesses use UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) to avoid the expense of having an in-house unified communication service and staff. At Marco, we recommend UCaaS for companies with more than 20 users, and also for businesses with multiple locations. With UCaaS, these organizations can maximize collaboration by tapping into powerful tools like video and web conferencing.

Gone are the days when colleagues would have to jump on planes to converge upon a single location for an important meeting. Services like MiCollab can deliver dynamic conferences that capture all the nuances of personal communication without needing to be in the same room. Additional UCaaS features include:

  • Cloud-based enterprise voice communications
  • Mobile solutions for Windows, iOS and Android
  • Contact centers and call recording

UCaaS delivers great scalability and flexibility, so companies can quickly add or remove users (like seasonal employees) without major infrastructure changes. It provides a consistent user experience for all remote and mobile workers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Organizations can also use UCaaS technologies for disaster recovery without needing to buy and maintain multiple PBXs and unified communication platforms in separate locations.

The UCaaS services at Marco have Mitel software and hardware as their foundation. We swear by it—and our service technicians are all Mitel Certified to give you peace of mind while getting the job done.

Completing The Picture

Every member of your team is a piece in your organization’s puzzle. They need to fit together tightly and harmoniously if your company is going to achieve that “big picture” goal.

Communication and collaboration are the keys to making that happen, and taking advantage of today’s technology is essential to success. Contact us at Marco any time—we’ll open that puzzle box and start building.

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