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    Business Communication How To: Successfully Implementing UCaaS

    By: Matt Kanaskie
    May 16, 2019

    UCaaS can be a real business game changer, and successful adaptation has a lot to do with implementation. Here's a look at how Marco handles implementation and what you can do to help your employees experience a smoother transition.

    Implementing Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

    Unified Communications is a communication technology that’s changing the way businesses communicate. It encompasses telephony functions like voice, chat and video with a series of integrated tools. If you’re interested in learning more about UCaaS, I covered it in detail here. Today, I’m covering UCaaS implementation.

    First, I want you to know that from the moment a customer signs on for a UCaaS solution with Marco, they’re assigned a project manager who works through an implementation plan on how to deploy the new solution. This means that through every step of implementation, you’ll have a dedicated contact person who will help you navigate any questions or hurdles you face.

    Taking Stock & Developing Your Solution

    IT professional kneeling in front of a data center performing diagnostics on his laptop. Because every UCaaS solution is custom to the business it goes to, developing your solution involves taking a look at how your business currently communicates. There are many different variables capable of affecting your business communications, and the more we understand about those variables, the better your solution will fit your business.

    To get things started, we need to know about every user, every extension and every phone number. This includes taking stock of all phone lines, phone numbers, fax lines and toll-free numbers. Plus, if there are any unique features individual users will require, we’ll need to know about that as well. Basically, any details about your current communication practices will help us to develop and program the most effective system for your business.

    Introducing End Users

    A Marco representative will assist in introducing end users to the new technology. This can include anything from holding trainings and demonstrating the product to lending handsets so end users can get a feel for the product. Employees get used to the way they communicate in the workplace, and sometimes the idea of changing things can cause some resistance. Making some of these efforts before deploying the solution tends to improve end-user adoption.

    Installing UCaaS

    Once we’ve designed and programmed your solution, the physical implementation happens very fast. It involves dispatching techs to your physical location — for businesses with multiple locations, we’ll schedule separate dates for each. Everyone at your business will know which day the phones are switching over, and from the end user perspective, it really just involves plugging in the new phones.

    Pre- and post-implementation, we provide end-user training and webinars to ensure your company gets up-to-speed on the new solution and utilizes all of its features as a way to optimize your return on investment.

    How Long Does Implementing UCaaS Take?

    The onboarding process is around 60-90 days, start to finish. After the technology is installed, it takes another 90 days for end users to fully adopt the technology and become comfortable using the tools on a daily basis. It’s around that 90 days after implementation where businesses start gaining efficiency and seeing the value in their new communication technology.

    Once end users are comfortable using the tools on a daily basis and seeing how easy it makes everything, they’ll start trying to get others on board with using the technology.

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