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    8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Multifunction Printer

    By: Marco
    February 2, 2016

    Multifunction printers can streamline many of your office tasks into a single device, saving you time and money. Having a multifunction printer enables you to get rid of, or the very least, reduce your number of single-capability devices, such as scanners and fax machines. This also saves your organization office space and money by eliminating the need for individual device supplies. Below, we'll explore some factors to consider as you choose a multifunction printer for your office.

    #1 – Printing

    multifunction printers

    Printing is a daily task that employees in every office use. When selecting a multifunction device for your office, consider how often your employees print and what types of projects are being printed.

    Multifunction printers are equipped to print tens, hundreds or even thousands of pages of high-quality text per day on a wide variety of print media. You can print on standard printer paper, letterhead, thick cardstock, recycled paper, envelopes, labels, banner paper and more. These functions should increase printing capability within your office, as most standard personal printers are limited by the types of paper or other media they can successfully print on.

    Additionally, multifunction printer functions include black and white or color printing, 1-sided, 2-sided or multiple pages per sheet printing and secure printing. These machines offer advanced functionality to your staff and are capable of creating shortcuts for routine printing tasks to streamline these processes.

    #2 – Copying

    A multifunction printer has the ability to create high-quality copies of documents, in black and white or color. They can quickly copy large or small documents and have the ability to turn 1-sided documents into 2-sided, or vice versa. As with printing, a multifunction device can copy from or onto a wide variety of paper types and sizes or onto other media.

    #3 – Scanning

    Capturing high-quality text and images from scanned documents is another feature of multifunction printers. In addition, you are able to load USB devices with scanned documents, send them to pre-registered email addresses or new contacts and save them directly to your server.

    You can quickly and easily scan hard-copies of files to your computer for safe digital storage. Or if you only have printed copies of images that you need on your computer, a multifunction printer can scan them and send them right to your email for easy access. Scanning is a feature many offices use often and eliminates the need for a separate fax machine; with a multifunction device you can complete these tasks with higher quality and faster than before.

    #4 – Faxing 

    Although faxes are less common today because email has become standard, many offices still require the faxing capability. Multifunction printers integrate faxing with the other print functions and you are able to continue to print and scan while sending and receiving faxes.

    #5 - Support

    Even the best multifunction printer is likely to need maintenance at one point or another, so you'll want to know what your support contract covers. Ask your print provider what support comes with the printer and what additional coverage is available for purchase.

    #6 - Several Connection Options

    Multifunction printers allow you to print from desktops connected to a server, USB connection or wirelessly. This is a valuable feature because many offices print from a variety of desktops, laptops, tablets or even cell phones. Clients that come into your office with documents on their own devices that need to be printed can be accommodated as well.

    #7 - Size

    Multifunction printers are available in a variety of sizes; your printing needs will determine the size and/or quantity of multifunction printers you need. A print provider will be able to assess those needs and your overall business goals to define the correct number of printers you will need to optimize your print environment.

    #8 - Cost

    The total cost of ownership is the final thing to consider when choosing a multifunction printer. This will include the cost of the machine as well as supplies, maintenance and more. Working with a Managed Print Provider could generate cost saving opportunities by identifying the best way to set up and provide the ideal print environment for your office.


    Each office's needs will vary depending on the size of office, needs and standard practices. Start by identifying your budget and then consider how you can meet the printing needs of your office. Work with a Marco technology advisor to find the answers to these questions and begin optimizing your print environment with multifunction printers.

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