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    Are Your Business Communications Messy at Best? Let UCaaS Help

    By: Matt Kanaskie
    January 29, 2019

    Today's businesses are busy, and knowing everything you need to know to complete your tasks can be near impossible. You can't be part of every conversation or attend every meeting. If you did, there wouldn't be enough time to get any work done. That's where communication comes in. We all depend on the people we work with to communicate important details to us, and businesses with the strongest communication are oftentimes the most successful. 

    Still, messages aren't always relayed, and changes aren't always communicated. This is especially true with growing businesses and businesses with increasing numbers of remote employees. Ask yourself, is everyone being looped in when it matters most? 

    Communication Technology Can Help

    Image description: A woman's hand with her middle finger on the touchpad of an open laptop against a yellow background with numerous email symbols flowing from the laptop screen.Communication technologies are meant to make business communication easier, but how? One way communication technology keeps employees informed is by integrating communication tools into a single system. This makes it easier for employees to stay in-the-know because they have a single location to look for communications that may have been missed.

    Have you ever went on a scavenger hunt trying to find a tidbit of information? Problems like not knowing the right person to ask or having multiple, disjointed storage systems for information simply go away when everyone knows where and how to retrieve information. 

    When employees go searching for information, they're also trading time that could be spent furthering business goals and achieving objectives. Even worse is when employees aren't aware that they've missed new information and they complete a project following an old, outdated process. This type of mistake can push back an entire project's deadline and affect numerous departments within an organization. 

    If this all sounds a little too familiar, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) powered by Mitel can help your organization overcome some of these obstacles. At its core, UCaaS simplifies, streamlines and unifies business communications. Here's how: 

    Unified Communications Helps Employees be More Productive

    1. UCaaS Keeps All Your Communications in One Place

    I cannot understate the value of having just one place to search for communication information. The time saved by having your business communication unified is undeniable

    2. UCaaS Makes Everyone Reachable

    Features like hotdesking and dynamic extension allow you to reach employees even if they've relocated to a different workstation or an off-premise location. As far as communication technology and accessibility, it's like they're still at their regular desk.  

    3. UCaaS Lets You Reach People How They Want to Be Reached

    Do you ever feel torn whether it's best to call, email, text or IM someone? UCaaS allows each employee to customize their communication preferences so you know you're contacting someone the way they prefer to be contacted. These settings can automatically adjust based on circumstances, too. If your co-worker is currently on the phone with someone, the contact settings can adapt to prefer IM or email over a call. 


    To help you determine if UCaaS is a good fit for your business, try our interactive flowchart...

    What Communication Technology is Best for Your Business? Try Our Interactive Flowchart

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