The Power of Mitel and Marco UCaaS [Video]

By: Marco
October 15, 2018

Not too long ago, I put together a quick video describing UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and answering some of the most common questions I receive from customers. You can watch "What is UCaaS?" here. In today's video, I decided to dig a little deeper into our partnership with Mitel, because the solution is built by Marco, and it's powered by Mitel. Both Mitel and Marco are essential in the development and deployment of UCaaS.

Watch this video to uncover some of the ways Marco's UCaaS solution is unique. 

What Makes Marco's UCaaS Solution Unique? 

Unified Communications as a Service is a combination of software that includes telephony functions like voice, video, chat and collaboration, combined with tools available on your mobile, computer, desktop and in the web. UCaaS combines all of this into one seamless stream

Along with connectivity for private data circuits and Internet circuits, we've partnered with multiple, local telephone companies to bring their dial tone services into the UCaaS platform. This makes our offerings unique and very focused on the markets we serve. 

Marco's UCaaS, Powered By Mitel

Marco has been a Mitel vendor for over 25 years, and due to this long-term relationship, it's very natural to consider new and evolving solutions Mitel develops. One such solution was UCaaS. We know from our personal history with Mitel that they are trustworthy and only put forth high-quality relevant solutions. Because of this, it was also a natural fit to consider the Mitel software stack to be housed within Marco's data center.

Mitel's Industry Reputation

Mitel has continued to be a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for multiple years, and they're consistently an industry innovator. Not only do we feel that we've chosen and developed a solution that our clients demand and is competitive in the marketplace, but we have the reports from non-biased industry evaluators to back up those feelings. 

Unified Communications with Longterm Strategy

Mitel provides an industry-leading software solution and a unique approach to communication. I think they have the right long-term strategy being focused on a software-centric, millennial-focused product. Their software ensures everything is available on any device, anywhere, at any time. So upon realizing the value of the software development at Mitel, we leveraged Marco's infrastructure to supply the solution and provide it to our local communities. 

In summary, Mitel provides the software, and Marco supplies the infrastructure, service, monitoring and analytics. Combined, it's a partnership we hope to continue for the next 25+ years. Learn more about unified communications and how this solution can revolutionize your business by contacting one of Marco's Communication Technology Specialists: 

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