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    7 Ways Mitel Phones Meet and Exceed an Organization's Needs

    By: Jason Boutwell
    May 18, 2018

    The best phone system for an organization is not necessarily the one with the latest features, but rather, one that matches the organization's operational needs. Selecting the right phone system is all about examining and prioritizing communication requirements first; then finding a phone system capable of meeting those needs and fitting within your budget. As a technology leader, Mitel offers reliable phone systems of varying sizes and capabilities able to meet diverse communication needs.

    As a school district, local government agency or nonprofit entity, it can be difficult to find a phone system that is affordable and capable of supporting your operations. Mitel phones are available to entities such as these through Sourcewell contracts. For more information about these contracts, read Sourcewell Contract Helps Find a Phone System for Your Needs and Budget

    Let’s look at some of the ways Mitel phone systems meet, and exceed, organizational needs. 

    #1: Advanced Touchscreen Interface

    mitelphonesIn addition to the features and functions you’d expect on a standard phone, Mitel phone systems have full-color, touchscreen interfaces that offer easy user interaction. Touchscreens make phone features easy to use while incorporating additional access to information.

    These interfaces offer users an opportunity to view social media accounts, the latest news and other active content from the Internet, right from the phone’s display. 

    #2: Continuity and Familiarity

    All Mitel phones have a standard look and feel, making it easy for businesses of any size to adopt new Mitel peripherals across various sites without creating confusion. Mitel desk phones have standardized:

    • Handset designs
    • Keypad layouts
    • Call control keys

    All of which work to ensure your employees work with similar tools, regardless of location.

    Functions such as redial, transfer and hold are assigned to the same keys across various Mitel phones, enforcing continuity. This brings ease of use, saving time and money by eliminating the need to retrain employees on different phones.

    #3: One-Drop Connectivity

    Each Mitel phone comes with switched 10/100 Ethernet sockets, with 1GB as standard. What does this mean for your business? It makes one-drop connectivity a breeze. Network cables pass through both the phone and the computer. This allows the Ethernet cord to provide data and power to the phone, while also giving the computer Internet access. For companies with single-point connectivity at workstations, this feature saves time and money at installation.

    #4: Quality Voice Reproduction

    Full duplex speakers are standard on Mitel phones - providing crystal-clear sound in any environment. Whether an employee is working at their desk and using the speaker, or 20 people are in a meeting room participating in a teleconference, Mitel phones make it easier to provide clear messages with no confusion.

    #5: Programmable Keys

    Fully programmable keys allow each user to configure their own device, streamlining common activities and making Mitel phone systems easy to use. Standard buttons are featured on all Mitel phones as well, including hold, transfer, do not disturb and other functions.

    All but entry-level phones also include access to a company directory. One button lets your employees see the number for everyone in your organization - instantly look up a number and make a call in seconds. Programmable keys save significant time compared to the printed or digital directories many companies still use.

    #6: Extended Functionality

    Mitel phones extend functionality to support various operations. Standard phones have handset sockets for basic phone-line access. Advanced phones support a wide range of Mitel accessories. Decked accessories allow users to have cordless handsets, cordless headsets or both, at their desk. This provides flexibility to the user and eliminates tangled cables on the desktop.

    By attaching the Mitel conferencing module, an average desk phone turns into the ultimate conferencing solution. In addition to full, complex sound, intelligent microphone technology eliminates cross talk in a conference call by activating only when there's an active speaker. The microphone can be put in presenter mode, locking the microphone on one speaker to prevent interruptions.

    #7: Mobility

    Last but not least, Mitel phones are offered with IP Dect WiFi handsets. This allows employees office mobility without missing phone calls or relying upon their personal mobile phones to stay connected.

    School districts, government agencies and nonprofit organizations have a need to connect their teams internally, and with other businesses, organizations and customers. From teachers to government officials, CEOs to interns, each employee deserves dependable communication. Mitel’s wide range of phones can provide for your unique needs – and Sourcewell can help you acquire the Mitel telephone system within budget and competitive solicitation requirements.

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