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    Know Your Business Goals & Build a Mitel Phone System to Support Them

    By: Jason Boutwell
    April 22, 2016

    Jeff Nolan, VP at Mitel, said in an interview I did with him last year (read the full interview here):

    “Businesses need to know the goals of their organization, and why these goals exist. They need to purchase toolsets that will help their internal processes and be a useful tool to their company.”

    I wanted to expound on this more because, while I completely agree with him, I understand why some people might question this and think, “Why can’t I just buy a phone system that gets the job done and be done with it?” I thought it would be helpful to explain why we feel it is important to understand the business goals of the customers we partner with. Then, I’ll share a few examples for further clarification.


    Why We Care about Your Business Goals

    We do business in many industries and chances are we’ve worked with an organization similar to yours, so we generally have an idea of what your business is working to achieve. But, each business has unique goals. As a trucking company, your goals are different than the trucking company down the street.

    Some businesses spell out their goals specific to communication technology, while others more broadly aim to better use their people and facilitate the collaboration and communication between staff and customers.

    Either way, the right technology can aid in your pursuit of your goals. Let’s look at a few specific examples.


    Goals Enhanced by Mitel Phone System Solutions

    Whether spoken or unspoken, most organizations are always on the lookout for ways to increase efficiencies – in many different applications. One of those instances is related to staff communication. Time spent trying to get in touch with co-workers can quickly add up, and be distracting from daily tasks and priorities. As an example, some organizations set goals to better equip their mobile workforce for productivity outside of the office.

    A second goal common in organizations is to enhance their customer experience. The customer experience you provide reflects on the likelihood of those customers sharing their experiences and recommending your products and services – thereby increasing your prospective customers. Here are two technologies I’d recommend if your goals fall into one of these categories:

    1. Single Number Reach

    This technology is named exactly as it functions. Each of your team members would be given one phone number – but when that number is dialed it can ring to one of many devices. This way your team can be reached whether they are at their desk, on the road, at home or anywhere in between.

    So rather than calling a desk phone and getting voicemail, then calling their cell phone and leaving another voicemail, then following up with an email to let them know you found your answer from another co-worker you called on their desk phone before they had a chance to call back – you (or your customers) can call just one phone number, AND your employee will only get one message.

    2. Instant Messaging

    Once again, this solution is very aptly named. Mitel’s instant messaging technology combines the features and abilities of consumer instant messaging systems, such as instant connectivity and multi-platform support, with the security your business environment demands.

    When employees have quick questions or need clarification, they don’t have to pick up the phone and leave a voicemail or send an email and wait for a response. Instant messaging offers an instant, direct connection to other employees. There are also features that show the status of employees in a workgroup. If an employee is away from their desk, coworkers can see that the individual is idle or away and not waste time tracking them down in the office. This is just the tip of the iceberg, for more benefits of instant messaging, click here.


    Understanding Your Needs & Technology Capacity

    In addition to your unique goals, you have a unique staff. This is why it is important to take into consideration how tech-savvy your team is, and wants to be. Technology can promise great changes and improvements in productivity, but if your staff doesn’t think it is needed or is not willing to adopt it, you might just be wasting your resources. Successfully improving your communication technology requires buy-in from your users, so considering their needs and preferences is vital. Jeff also said in our interview:

    “…The technology [you] buy today can migrate and move forward with [your] business into the future. As a business, if you are ready to invest in a telecommunication system, but you aren’t ready to move into the cloud yet, that’s okay. The [Mitel] phone system you buy today can grow and evolve with your organization. Deployment flexibility is available with the right tool sets.”

    With today’s technology, you can build a phone system that meets your current needs, and grows with you.

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