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    6 Signs Your Company is Overdue for a Technology Assessment

    By: Justin Bigger
    June 1, 2018

    The Marco Technology Assessment was developed as a way to give business stakeholders a non-technical look at their business technology. We’ve found that businesses have a lot to gain by having a third party come in, see what’s going on, show you where the risks are and let you know what you can do about it. If you’re wondering whether or not a technology assessment is for you, this list will help you decide.

    1. You’re Making Unexpected Capital Expenditures

    6 Signs Your Company is Overdue for a Technology AssessmentWhen purchases are unexpected, it means they’re not budgeted for. This should be a red flag for any business owner that their organization’s current approach to IT is reactive, not proactive.

    We’ll also find times when businesses have an IT budget, but what they've planned for isn't lining up with reality. It could be something like your business planned to purchase a new server, but then after the fact, you found out you didn’t have the Internet to support it.   

    2. You’re Unsure When and Where to Invest

    Going off of the example above, if you were advised to purchase a new server without having a discussion about how that decision would impact your overall infrastructure, you could benefit from a third-party advisor for your investment strategy. Many of the different buckets of business technology have dependencies between them, and in order to move forward with an effective strategy, it’s essential to get a big picture view. That’s what a technology assessment provides.

    3. Your IT Person Quit

    Sometimes, businesses have a gap between their current IT employee leaving the organization and a new IT employee being hired. This situation can make things quite stressful for both the new hire and whoever is helping them get up to speed. A technology audit can be used to educate a new hire or an existing employee on what’s going on with your business technology.

    4. You’re Doubting If Your Security is Up to Snuff

    Rightfully so, today’s businesses are concerned about whether or not they’re set up to avoid security breaches. Fear of data loss, ransomware and cyber-attacks is a reality for businesses of all sizes. Many businesses run the risk of being put out of business as a result of cyber-attacks

    5. Your Technology is Not Performing to Your Expectations

    If you have an idea that something should be working better than it is and there’s no plan in place to address it, your business is an ideal candidate for a business technology assessment. Much of today’s businesses run off of applications, and it doesn’t take much for them to be set up incorrectly.

    All too often, businesses have an application that works fine most of the time, but at other times it clocks out or freezes up. These small annoyances that eat up internal productivity are usually a simple fix, once you know the cause.

    6. You Want a Clear Picture of Your Business Technology

    Finally, a technology assessment gives business owners an understanding of their current setup. If you haven’t had anyone come in from the outside and give you a review, you’re probably overdue. Sure, it can show you areas for improvement and a roadmap to build a budget out, but it also shows you what you’re doing right.

    A technology assessment is going to let you know what is functioning properly and what isn’t. And trust me, it’s way better – and less expensive – to take a proactive approach to business technology.

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