Cyber Crime Threats and the Cost of Not Protecting Your Business

By: Clay Ostlund
March 9, 2016

Are you safe and protected from the cyber crimes threatening businesses and end users of the Internet and computer technology? Cisco has outlined the costs of not being prepared for the threats that exist; if you aren’t prepared – here’s what you are risking:



Today, it’s not a question of if – but rather when – your organization’s security will be breached. Are you prepared to deal with the aftermath? It comes down to the technology you have in place to prevent an attack, and the disaster recovery plans you have defined to recuperate from one.


Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Too many businesses wait until it’s too late; unfortunately, technology disasters have been known to close down businesses. It’s not hard to understand why, after seeing the costs of a breach hovering between $5-6 million.

What’s even more unfortunate is the fact that there are prevention and disaster recovery solutions available – but not being used. These tactics and tools can make the difference between keeping your doors open, and closing them – if they are put into place BEFORE disaster strikes.

Take GR Daniels Trucking for instance – they were the unfortunate victims of a fire that destroyed their office and truck shop. Watch and/or read about their recovery story: 

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