Business IT Services Case Study | Backup & Disaster Recovery

By: Dan Larkin
September 4, 2014

GR_Daniels_Case_Study_-_business_IT_servicesAll too often, businesses decide to implement backup and disaster recovery systems too late. Disasters have been known to cause companies to close their doors because the damage is too great (and expensive) to repair. We strongly recommend preparing for and preventing disasters LONG before disaster strikes. In fact, it should be one of the initial steps taken when building any business technology plan.

One of our clients, G.R. Daniels Trucking and Warehouse, can attest to the importance of these business IT services. In 2013, they were the unfortunate victim of a devastating fire that destroyed their office and truck shop. Hear their story here:


About the G.R. Daniels Trucking Disaster

G.R. Daniels Trucking and G.R. Daniels Warehouse was founded in 1977 and is based in Hutchinson, Minnesota. For 37 years they’ve been delivering integrated services, hauling freight and providing warehousing for their customers. The fire disaster on September 2013 temporarily stopped them in their tracks.

This type of disaster can keep a business from operating for days, weeks and sometimes even months. For G.R. Daniels, this was not the case. Firefighters were able to save some of their hardware and their Axient backup system, which allowed them to get back up and running quickly.

When the flames were under control and the immediate danger eliminated, the truth began to sink in; everything was ruined. Hardware was soaked through, paper files were completely gone or destroyed and communication with customers and truck drivers was made nearly impossible.

Business IT Services: Technology & Technicians

Through Marco, G.R. Daniels purchased their Axient backup system to implement the disaster recovery plans we built together. So when disaster struck, one of the first steps owner Sharon Daniels took was to call her Marco representatives, Steve Hary and Jeff Kremer.

One of the most important components of our Business IT Services is the service. We don’t just sell the technology, we partner with businesses to plan, design, implement and support technology solutions. So when Sharon called on Sunday afternoon, we responded. Jeff, their service technician, determined their immediate needs and arrived with a solution a few hours later.

Equipped with technology and knowledge, Jeff configured the technology necessary for G.R. Daniels to continue operating. He provided the workstations – computers, keyboards, mouses, backup hardware, etc. – and saved the data stored on their dripping wet Axient backup system. Jeff made it possible for G.R. Daniels to communicate with their customers and drivers, access their data and get back to business in a very short period of time (less than 8 hours).

Don’t Learn the Hard Way

Sharon Daniels was speaking from experience when she said, “I think it is huge to have a backup system off-site. The Axient backup system has been phenomenal. […] I think any company that does not have a backup system is looking for it down the road; whether it [is] a fire disaster – I hope not – or lighting taking the computers out, or just the computers crashing. For any reason, you need a backup system off-site that you can download your data [from].” Nature is unpredictable and technology can fail. For these reasons, it is imperative for businesses to have backup and disaster recovery solutions in place.

Business IT Services can’t work effectively if all the pieces aren’t in place. Service alone can’t do the job; high quality technology is needed, and vice versa. As a technology provider, we believe it is our job to stay on top of industry trends and continually improve our products and services so we can meet your needs.
If you are in need of an effective backup and disaster recovery solution, or have another Business IT need, request an assessment with one of our Business IT Specialists.

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