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    6 Benefits of Marco's Business IT Services

    By: Trevor Akervik
    October 30, 2018

    In an ever-evolving world of business technology, you need a business IT services partner who can evaluate the needs of your business, understand the current trends and deliver the solutions you need. In order to get the most out of your investment, choose a partner with an unrivaled commitment to convenience and service

    The full integration of computer and network systems in the business environment allows for greater reach and smoother operations, but the adoption of network systems has not come without its share of headaches for business owners and operators. Computer systems and networks make life within your business easier, and the minute they go down, the challenges and headaches for your IT department take over and interrupt workflow.


    If your business partnered with an experienced provider for Managed Services, you likely wouldn't even notice the network hiccups. Outsourcing IT management services to a third-party provider relieves stress on your IT department and makes it possible to monitor and solve connectivity and networking issues at any hour.

    When you trust network management to an outside source, you’ll get the benefit of a number of services, including network maintenance, 24/7 monitoring of network devices, status reporting, anti-virus tracking, software management and file security.

    IT Director Looking at ComputerMarco Knows Business IT

    Business IT has come a long way from being all about computers. Beyond monitors and hard drives, Business IT includes:

    Marco's Business IT Services can include any combination of this list. It all comes down to uncovering where your organization currently is and identifying where you'd like it to be. Then, it's about creating the pathway there. 

    1. From Small Business IT to Enterprise

    We worked with a client, G.R. Daniels Trucking and Warehouse, to implement a disaster recovery plan, and when their company was unfortunately damaged by fire, they were able to resume business in under eight hours

    2. Second to None Customer Service

    Despite its importance, many of our new customers are shocked by our dedication to customer service. Specifically, they're impressed by how easy we make it. When it comes to reporting an issue, getting a response and solving the problem, we leave them happy to have Marco as their service provider. 

    3. Single Source Provider

    While other technology companies might cover a specific portion of Business IT, with Marco you can work with a single source from beginning to end. This means your assessment, specs, design, migration plan, implementation and service all come from one place. You receive one point of contact, one invoice and one technology partner.  

    4. Cloud Service Specialists

    If you know you want to be on the cloud, but aren't sure where to go beyond that, contact a Marco Cloud Service Specialist. They'll work with you to navigate the options and opportunities of cloud service and find the right environment for you and your organization. 

    5. Resource Allocation

    Outsourcing IT can also increase the efficiency of the IT staff you have in-house. Rather than solving network issues as they arise, your IT professionals can stay focused on strategic business initiatives that will keep your organization moving forward. This way, not only are your IT professionals more focused on important business issues, but your non-IT employees will have a higher efficiency level as well, due to reduced downtime.

    6. Accountability

    It is the job of these outsourced professionals to monitor your network security, maintain the most up-to-date anti-virus and software programs and ensure that all file share and user administration programs are running smoothly. Partnering with a Business IT provider can be the end of finger-pointing as it relates to IT issues. 

    Business IT Resources

    With 24/7 monitoring and assistance, your company can rest easy knowing that your network will provide the kind of reliability your employees and customers expect. At Marco, we are ready to assist your IT department in managing your network systems, whether they are large and complex, or small and simple.

    Work with a Business IT Specialist if you're unsure where to go or what steps to take. Our specialists can listen and translate your business needs into a tangible solution. If you need more information, our free eBook Top 10 Questions about Marco's Managed IT Services Answered can help. Unsure if Managed IT Services are right for you? Take our surveyStill unconvinced? We have a list of reasons that just might tip the scale. 

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