7 Types of Business IT that can Improve Your Business

By: Mike Welling
July 9, 2018

It has almost become a cliché in business to talk about how important IT is to every organization. We talk a lot about how it has grown in importance. Ever wonder why?

In the past, IT departments only had a responsibility to take care of computers. That was, of course, in itself an expanding universe of changing hardware and software. Then we plugged everything into a network, followed by plugging the network into the Internet (i.e. the world).

Then we added other devices to the network like printers, copiers, mailing machines, video surveillance cameras, door security - nearly everything that makes businesses run became part of the network, which made it IT’s responsibility.

Here’s a few different areas that all fall under Business IT, and by treating them as such, you can help your business become stronger.

7 Types of Business IT that can Improve Your Business1. Phone Systems

When your phones all went to VoIP, or if they are going there, there are a lot new features you and your employees can take advantage of. VoIP is the first step to revolutionizing your workplace.

2. Networks

The network your business functions on is the center of IT team's world. They work with it day in and day out. With a team of experienced business IT specialists, you can design a network architecture for your organization that will bring efficiencies and improvements.

3. Disaster Planning and Recovery

This is the most proactive part of IT’s job, where they make sure nothing happens to the network and, alternately, how to recover quickly if anything does happen. It’s about backups, redundancy and planning. Why? Because a network failure can cause a complete business shutdown.

4. Document Management

This too is about planning, but planning of a different kind. Setting up the structures so documents are intelligently stored and retrievable reduces wasted time and frustration. When it comes to your documents, Peter Morville said it best in the book Ambient Findability: “The journey transforms the destination.” If your documents take a smart journey into storage, often using automated workflows and smart architecture, their destination is assured.

5. Wireless

Having a wireless network makes your employees' work life easier, but it’s anything but simple to build an effective, usable wireless network. Business IT can bring new fields of technology efficiencies to your business.

6. Audio/Video

When audio and video went digital, it became part of your IT team’s job to make sure meeting rooms are working, white boards are communicating and the network has the bandwidth to handle large streams of information. Even things like video surveillance became IT’s responsibility. Advancements and collaboration tools can help.

7. Lifecycle Management

There’s a ton of hardware involved in your IT infrastructure - a lot of it you never see. That means maintenance and repair is an ongoing challenge, and eventually it will all need to be replaced multiple times. An effective lifecycle management partner can help with procurement, contracts, leasing, subscriptions and asset management.
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