Four Ways to Identify an Intrapreneur in Your Company

Posted Oct 25, 2018 1:29:00 PM

This content was syndicated from its original post 10/25/18 at Detroit Free Press.

Innovation. Problem-solving. Flexibility. Perseverance. These traits describe some of the most successful entrepreneurs, from Jobs to Bezos. But companies should realize that such characteristics are far from limited to founders. In fact, valuable intrapreneurs are likely to exist in your ranks, whether you’re a massive Internet provider or tiny family company.

Identifying and nurturing these individuals should be a key responsibility for all leaders. Jeff Gau, CEO of technology solutions provider Marco, which serves the Greater Detroit area with offices in Dearborn and Macomb, recognizes that internal innovation is what keeps companies like his at the forefront of the industry. “As leaders, I challenge you to look inside your existing business model for opportunities to be innovative,” he wrote in Marco’s leadership blog. “They are usually right in front of us.”


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