Leader to Follow: Steve Gau

I get to work with some pretty amazing leaders every day who continue to help me grow. I have been profiling a few of them in this Leaders to Follow series.

Today I get to talk about the leader that I have known the longest. He’s our Vice President of Copier Solutions at Marco – and he also happens to be my youngest brother. Steve was only five years old when I left for the Air Force, so I really got to know him better as an adult than I did as a kid.

Jeff-Steve.jpgToday, I get the privilege of working alongside him in his role on Marco’s executive team.

Steve first joined Marco while in college – on what then was our retail floor. (Yes, times have changed.) After graduating, he gained experience at Canon Corp. and returned to Marco in 1997.

He held various sales positions over the years and emerged as a specialist in copiers. At the time, it was a growing market and Steve became the go-to guy inside our company. He is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and comprehensive leaders in the industry today.

As a young sales guy, Steve was not necessarily viewed as a leader in the organization. But he was well-suited for the position and earned respect and accolades across Marco. Today, he’s definitely seen as a leader worth following. Here are some reasons why:

  • Engager
    From the moment you meet Steve, you’ll notice his personality. He’s naturally engaging with tons of energy, boldness and intellect. He knows his stuff and how to have fun along the way. So, people seek him out and follow.
  • Forecaster
    Steve is quick with the numbers. Just play a game of cribbage with him and he’ll have your hand counted before you lay down your cards. He knows the numbers better than most and knows how to use them effectively when making business decisions. That makes him come across as confident and leads others to follow, even when it may feel a bit risky.
  • Dealer
    Steve enjoys the “art of the deal” and is a master of sales programs. His personal drive, based on performance and incentives, helps him formulate and execute on deals that benefit both sides. He has brought a discipline to buying products that continues to fuel our success and others want to replicate. He understands the full equation and knows how to deliver results.
  • Driver
    There is a saying, “Only the paranoid survive.” I am pretty sure that drives Steve. In the early years, he was not as confident in himself as we were – and likely still at times today. That has kept him on his toes and striving to improve. We’ll all be better because of it.

What I appreciate most about Steve is his self-awareness about both his strengths and weaknesses. I think he knows what he is good at and plays to his strengths. I’ve really enjoyed working with Steve and watching him mature as a leader. I couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments.

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