Business is About More than Just the Bottom Line

One of Marco's young families - The Hochgraber Family: Josh (Marco Technology Advisor) Amy, Audrey, Creighton and NoraWhy are we in business? Sure, we have to show a profit, but beyond the financial statements, there are other benefits to being a well-run organization. I believe our business barometer extends well beyond our bottom line. I am reminded of that whenever employees welcome a new baby (or two), buy a home or perhaps even when they retire from a successful career at Marco.

If we do our job right as a company, we should be a career builder, home builder, family builder and community builder. Here’s what that means to me:

1. Career Builder
The biggest highlight of my career has been recruiting talented people and watching them grow within the company over the years. Whether it’s someone joining the company right out of college or a professional transitioning after 15 years, it’s important to me that we are building careers, not just filling jobs. That means constantly providing opportunities that people want to be a part of long-term. That takes a commitment to continually growing our business and developing the talent to support it. When I look around the office, I can recount story after story of employees who have created a successful career at Marco. And the best part about these stories is we all win.

 2. Home Builder
When I look at the dots representing our company’s locations on the map in my office, I think about how our $36 million payroll has helped build homes in these communities. By providing stable jobs, companies help employees experience the American dream of owning a home. I’ve watched dozens of employees build their first home or their dream home over the years, even during the recent recession. I personally feel responsible for making good long-term decisions so we continue to support mortgages for hundreds of employees.

3. Family Builder
On our recent sales quota trip, an employee shared he was expecting his first child. I like hearing about our employees starting and growing their families. I’ve seen some of those children grow to adults in my 28 years with Marco. So when is the right time to start a family? I’d like to think when they join Marco that our stable work environment, benefits plan and commitment to work-life balance help make that decision easier. I raised a family, too, and I won't forget what it means to work for a company that supports a balanced life. I also know when employees start families (or buy homes), their careers often advance because they take their work more seriously. So, it’s another win-win. 

4. Community Builder
As a business, it’s our responsibility to help make the communities we serve more vibrant. That makes it easier for us to attract and keep people in these communities. Businesses need strong schools, a stable economy, a good infrastructure, and an active social environment to be successful. That’s why since 1981 our company has given back 5 percent annually to the communities we serve, and we encourage our workforce to be actively involved, too. Whether it’s being a volunteer coach, an active member at church or serving on a nonprofit board, I enjoy seeing our employees involved in their communities.

As leaders of companies, I see our responsibilities beyond building profits. We also have a responsibility to help build the communities we live in, the careers of our employees, and the families they support. These are all part of providing a place where people want to work and communities where people want to live.

Topics: Leadership, Work-Life Balance, Bottom Line