North American Truck & Trailer

Trucking Company Benefits from Managed Print Sservices

When Jake Hofer was the IT Director at North American Truck & Trailer (NATT), he knew the company needed to make some changes, especially with printing.

"It was in disarray from poor management on our end. We were purchasing toner for some devices, but not others. Same thing when it came to service. There was no good rhyme or reason. We had multiple vendors and multiple printing pools that were costing much more than they should," said Hofer.

The Solution

A Marco Technology Advisor initiated a meeting with Hofer to discuss a more efficient way to manage printing throughout NATT's 14 stores, which are spread across four states. At their meeting, Hofer outlined his corporate goal: accomplish more with less time and resources.

"Marco was able to work with us to make the appropriate changes and make the relationship soar. With Marco, we have a real strategic partner to accomplish our goals within the foundation of Marco's footprint," said Hofer.

By implementing Marco's Managed Print Services in all stores, Hofer had experienced a number of benefits. First, the company significantly cut costs by using a single printing contract for the entire organization.

"Before, we had two separate printing pools. We were paying for overage charges for pages that were used on one printer and, right next to it, we'd have a device on a separate pool, where we were throwing away pages on a monthly basis. Now we have one larger, consolidated pool that allows for cost savings on a recurring basis," explained Hofer.

Besides saving money, Hofer said consolidating several billing accounts also saves him and his staff the time of processing multiple invoices.

Hofer also appreciates the unified service structure. Before implementing Marco's Managed Print Services, he said servicing his equipment varied from location to location with no consistency to the process.

"Because we're spread across four states, finding a partner who could service all of my locations wasn't the easiest job. With Marco, we have a unified number to call with a serial number that's right on our asset identification, and we're going to get the same service regardless. The same workflow, the same resolution, the same ETA. And I know that if my toner is getting low, Marco is automatically being notified and that they're automatically shipping a new toner cartridge to my location directly to the predefined contact," he said.

Marco’s sales, service and management teams all care about customer service and doing what is right by the customer.

– Jake Hofer, former IT director, North American Truck & Trailer

Speaking of service, Hofer says his experience with Marco can be summed up with one word: stellar. He believes the real test of service isn't when things are going smoothly, but when issues arise.

"I don't judge a partnership exclusively on its success. I also have to judge it on its failure and how the issues are handled because something is going to go wrong. Nothing is going to be perfect. Marco's sales, service and management teams all care about customer service and doing what is right by the customer," said Hofer.

Hofer was so pleased with the strategic partnership he'd created with Marco, the company expanded its page count by five times.

"Marco has proven through their continued community involvement and culture that they're a great business partner. I have that unified footprint, that single point of contact, that single billing aspect, as well as the relationship that I've formed with Marco. I know we are taken care of at all of our stores with the same service-level expectations," he added.