Centracare Health System

Health System Saves $390,000 per Year with National Managed Print Sservices Program

As CentraCare Health continues to expand its services throughout Central Minnesota, its need to print and distribute documents also grows. Several years ago, David Kryzer, Director of IT for CentraCare Health, felt the company could handle their increasing print needs more successfully. "We knew we needed an expert to partner with us and help us first define our print needs, and then find the most efficient and effective ways to meet them."

Given CentraCare's long-standing, trusted relationship with Marco, it was easy choosing the company as a partner to implement solutions across their 50+ facilities throughout Minnesota.

The Solution

Kryzer and his staff met with their Marco Technology Advisor to help them identify goals in terms of new technologies and opportunities for efficiency across the system. Their advisor recommended Marco's Managed Print Services (MPS) solution to help reduce costs and streamline their printers and copiers.

Throughout Marco's assessment and implementation process, CentraCare has consolidated its printer and copier fleet, while also standardizing devices across the organization. After seven years, the results are impressive. "We continue to save an average of $390,000 per year with Marco's Managed Print Services," said Kryzer.

The implementation also made a time-saving impact on CentraCare's IT resources. With Marco providing everyday maintenance and support, such as replacing printer kits, rollers and toner, CentraCare's IT staff spends significantly less time focused on printers. Even better, supplies are ordered before users are aware of a shortage.

Although the implementation was efficient and seamless, it did not happen without some initial fears.

The thought of not having a personal printer at arm's reach was a concern among many staff members in the organization. After the implementation, CentraCare and Marco surveyed the staff to measure their level of satisfaction – and it was higher than expected. Users said they were more satisfied with the devices, especially because of the functionality to print, scan and fax all from one multifunctional device. CentraCare has also reduced its copier/printer and paper/toner volumes by about 35%, while retaining reliability by using high-quality equipment and supplies, such as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner.

"Marco understands healthcare, how it differs from other segments, and the importance of reliability in our print environment."

– Kris Peterson, Director of Supply Chain and Support Services, CentraCare Health System

The healthcare industry requires confidentiality. Marco helped CentraCare implement PaperCut, a software solution that not only reduces printing costs through rules-based printing, but requires scanning of an employee ID badge to release a print job. This solution eased concerns about having confidential documents print automatically, which can leave them accessible to anyone near the printer.

When asked how he would describe CentraCare Health's relationship with Marco, Kryzer stated, "Marco understands healthcare, how it differs from other segments, and the importance of reliability in our print environment. By understanding our organizational pain points, they helped us create a system that overcomes these unique needs and requirements. It's a solid partnership that consistently delivers value year after year."