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    You've Selected Your Telephone System... Now What?

    By: Chris Kadoun
    December 17, 2015

    So you’ve compared products and made an informed decision – now what?

    While some telephone system providers might sell you a system and shake your hand – leaving you to install and manage the hardware you purchased, Marco is there to configure, install and support your telephone system and end users throughout the life of your system.

    First, an Overview


    Before moving forward, certified systems engineers will outline the telephone system you selected. They'll document the details of your discovery session into a Statement of Work, which provides an overview of your current phone system, the design of the new phone system you've selected and the desired outcome you hope for with your new technology.


    Internal Work from Marco

    Once these initial steps have been taken, your Marco technology advisor will sit down with you to review the statement of work, the outlined expectations and once agreed upon, both parties sign off on the work to be performed.

    Before any technicians show up at your office to help with the new telephone system rollout, Marco puts together a project schedule. This includes an outline that highlights the steps your company needs to take, and those that Marco will take throughout the transition process.

    Kickoff Meetings

    Marco holds two kick-off meetings for every new telephone system rollout. The first kick off is an internal meeting that brings together your technology advisor, systems engineer, the newly assigned project manager who will oversee your new system in the initial adoption phase, and the field services engineer responsible for installing your new system.

    Once all of those individuals are on the same page, you'll be invited to a second kick-off that includes all members from within your company that will be involved in the installation and management of your new telephone system.

    Install Process

    Through our experience with many project installations, we've learned that the install process, although unique to each company, must follow standard processes and procedures. Our installation process includes the following:

    • Coordinate schedules and deadlines with outside electricians and other third-party professionals required in the installation process.
    • Schedule training for your employees to bring them up to speed on the new system, getting them comfortable with the new features.
    • Perform routine updates to keep you informed on the status of installation and details of the project.
    • Most important: complete your install on time and within your budget.

    The First 30 Days Post-Install

    During the first 30 days after your new telephone system is deployed, the field services engineer and project manager involved in your installation are just a phone call away if issues arise. Whether it's a simple question or a major adjustment, you can call on these individuals to help and ensure your phone system is meeting your expectations.

    Long-Term Support

    Regardless of the agreement you made with Marco, you can count on reliable long-term service to ensure that your telephone system performs well, meets your expectations and operates with ease. Marco offers support, help desk services and managed voice solutions that simplifies the effective management of your telephone system for years to come.

    When you need support, Marco will be there.

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