What Do Your Business Printers Really Cost? Managed Print Services Can Help

By: Dan Larkin
March 18, 2022

Most businesses that want to cut costs tend to overlook a pretty big one: the office printer. According to Gartner, 90% of businesses of every size don't even know how much their printers are actually costing them each month. That's unfortunate, because print is often the third highest business cost behind rent and payroll, typically amounting to 1-3% of an organization's total annual revenue. 

Between toner, energy usage, maintenance and support, outdated or poorly managed printers can run up quite the bill. However, it's tough to know where and how much you could save without knowing exactly where these inefficiencies are. And that's exactly where a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider will begin to help. 

Let’s explore the many benefits of contracting with an MPS provider in more detail.

9 Benefits Of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

1. Printing Assessment

Chances are, before they click print, your staff doesn't think much about what types of documents they're sending to which device, or if color ink is really necessary. However, it's hard to identify wasteful habits without a detailed assessment of who is printing what, how much they're printing, and which devices they're using. A thorough printing assessment provides detailed information about all of these. If you'd like to conduct your own printing assessment, Marco has a free print cost calculator, which can be found here.

2. Troubleshooting And Maintenance

Around 40% of IT calls are printer-related. And unlike computers and laptops where basic troubleshooting methods don't differ that much, printers tend to vary, and are more finicky. MPS providers will have specially-trained technicians that know how to fix printer issues quickly. Additionally, they'll make sure your printers are well-maintained, so they'll last longer and perform better.

3. Improved Security

While most organizations understand that old software and devices are not equipped with the latest cybersecurity technology, they have a blind spot when it comes to one incredibly vulnerable device: the outdated office printer. Print security is incredibly important; according to a Quocirca survey, 68% of IT respondents stated that they had a data loss due to inadequate print security in the past year. Hackers can utilize any number of techniques to force your printers to release their own messages, or worse, they could access the actual data you're printing. 

An MPS provider should include secure printing best practices, which can significantly reduce your risk of being hacked. Better still, MPS providers like Marco have identified comprehensive print security solutions that also reduce printer waste and are simple to follow.

4. Environmentally-Friendly Waste Management

Recycling toner and ink cartridges can be difficult, but that's no reason not to do it. A typical cartridge will take up to 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill. Unfortunately, most toner and ink cartridges are not recycled, so 375 million empty cartridges still end up in the trash every year in the U.S. alone. Buying recycled cartridges can help, but if your business is simply tossing them once they're empty, you're still adding to the problem. An MPS provider should include a recycling program to make it easy to keep old bottles and cartridges out of the trash.

5. Save Time And Money

Businesses that use an MPS provider typically cut their printing costs by up to 30%. And if your staff is spending a significant amount of time troubleshooting the office printer, using an MPS provider instead can save your business a significant amount of time. 

6. Reduced Burden On IT Staff

Recruiting sufficient IT talent has been a challenge for many businesses in the past few years, and the industry is growing faster than new talent are being trained. Many IT departments are under-staffed and overworked. Chances are, if your IT department is tasked with keeping your printers running smoothly, they probably don't have the time to strategize for future growth or keep an eye out for upcoming cybersecurity threats. 

They also might have difficulty prioritizing patches and upgrades that require responsiveness. In fact, it's quite common for these important tasks to be pushed down an IT department’s to-do list. Unfortunately, hackers are now frequently exploiting known vulnerabilities in outdated, unpatched software. The longer a patch is left unapplied, the more time hackers have to cause damage. Bottom line -- if the printer is costing your IT department time it doesn't have, it could ultimately cost your business far more.  

7. Potentially Reduce Number Of Devices

One thing we frequently find when we conduct a print assessment for our MPS clients is that they're using far more devices than they need. This case study is a good example of how Marco can save clients money by streamlining their fleet of printers while upgrading security and overall functionality.

8. Improved Technology

Chances are, it's been quite some time since you've seen someone use a flip phone or use a computer that's more than seven years old. If your office printer is over seven years old, it's probably malfunctioning frequently, performing poorly, and highly vulnerable to being hacked. Like any large appliance, modern printers have become more energy efficient and more secure, and can often include additional capabilities, like scanning, copying and faxing. Printing software has also evolved significantly, and can make it easier than ever for your office to save money on color ink, paper and more.

9. Fewer Surprises

An MPS contract is an investment, but like most business investments, the benefits far outweigh the costs. You'll be paying your MPS provider every month, but if your printer suddenly breaks down, you won't have an emergency expense, or have a significant disruption to your business. 

Leave It To Us

There are many amazing reasons why more and more businesses are using MPS providers. But perhaps the best one is this: unreliable printers are a notorious source of workplace frustration. And while some frustrations are just part of life, this one doesn't have to be.

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