Top Reasons Higher Education Should Consider Managed Print Services

By: Marco
March 2, 2023

Many universities choose to staff and provide help desk support internally, often employing students to manage, maintain and assist users through a work-study program. 

It may sound like a cost-effective solution in theory; in reality, even the best students make a poor substitute for knowledgeable print technicians. These days, more universities are contracting with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider instead. 

What do they know that your school doesn’t? Read on…

The Top 4 Reasons Colleges and Universities Benefit from Managed Print Services

1. Trained Staff

Today’s multifunction devices are more complex, and so is troubleshooting them. 

When you outsource your university copy center to a managed print services (MPS) provider, you're hiring staff that will already be familiar with the equipment and all applications and functions. They'll be able to instruct your equipment operators through standard operational procedures, answer their questions and provide quick, efficient help desk assistance for issues when they arise.

2. More Reliable Performance

When you have access to consistent expertise, you end up with consistent maintenance, which makes for more reliable equipment.  This is particularly important for students and faculty that need to produce a large volume of printed documents on a deadline.Marco-MarchBlog1_v1-(1080x1080) 

And while it’s easy to skim over this one, just like your car, reliable maintenance is the key to a longer useful life. 

An excellent managed print provider will also continually monitor your device for signs that maintenance is needed so wear and tear and other issues can be addressed before they disrupt productivity. 

3. Lower Costs

Of course, you still have to balance the bottom line. Fortunately, managed print services are designed to save you a considerable amount of money (especially if unmanaged print costs are an existing issue) and improve workflow. 

An MPS provider will be able to identify equipment, cost, and workflow inefficiencies and recommend ways you can save money and reduce waste and energy consumption while meeting the same demand. 

4. Less Risk

If you have an effective managed print services program, it can be adjusted to respond to changes or additional needs as they arise, and you’ll have fewer unforeseen expenses. 

But perhaps the biggest way an MPS provider may reduce your risk is in the area of print security. Today’s networked printers have the same vulnerabilities as other connected devices — they run software, store data, and represent a potential entry point for hackers. Not all providers are the same, but some will also help you with secure decommissioning services and other print security services. 

At Marco, we provide print security for all of our managed print clients at no additional charge. 

How to Keep Your University Copy Center Humming Along

Time for a short pop quiz! What can an excellent MPS provider do for your copy center?

A. Help you save money on print costs while reducing waste and energy consumption
B. Increase the security of your data, network, and systems
C. Provide an efficient print environment for your students and faculty
D. All of the above

If you answered D, then you’re correct! Of course, this is just an overview, and every print environment has unique needs and challenges. For a better idea of how a print expert could transform your copy center (plus 10 extra credit points), feel free to chat with one of our US-based experts. 

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