Our Top Viewed Blogs About Business Copiers and Printers

By: Marco
April 10, 2023

In our never-ending effort to keep technology simple, secure, and better, we've put together a mashup of our top-viewed print blogs. 

You'll find additional articles (we'll call them the honorable mentions) linked at the bottom. Enjoy!   

4 Easy Steps to Calculate Your Cost Per Printprinter_costs

Cost-per-print is important when deciding which printer to purchase, as well as when assessing the efficiency of your existing equipment.

The easiest and most accurate way to calculate your print costs is through print management software. But if you are looking for a decent ballpark estimate, you can calculate it manually. This blog shows you how.

Managed Print Services Are Not All the Same

Already have a provider you’re comfortable with? That’s a great step to saving money on print costs. But if they haven’t updated their offerings since print security issues have become more common, it may be time to reevaluate your contract.

This blog outlines what security services and capabilities you should look for in a provider to keep your data safe.

Local vs. Network Printers and How Your Business Can Benefit

Cards-Carousel-800x400_0005_GettyImages-1191020444-2How do you determine if your printer should be local or networked? Certain businesses or work environments are better served by local printers, while others benefit from network printers. Which fits your needs best depends on your core business operations, the number of employees, and the workflow within your office. 

A printer specialist can help you determine whether local or network printers are best for your environment, but read this blog first to see the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Printing for Less: Cut Outsourcing Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Print management software programs help you optimize the use of your equipment and any print management programs you have in place by tracking productivity and identifying cost-saving opportunities. This blog introduces three of the print management software programs we use and detail specific scenarios where they have been effective.

Why Won’t My Printer Print What I See on My Screen?

An oldie but a goodie! While there are many answers to this question, one of the most common causes has to do with file formats. Understanding common file types used for printing may give you the knowledge necessary to fix the issue or at least ask the right questions to ask when you run into unexpected results. In this article, we look closely at image file formats for print and web use and how each affects printed results.

The Honorable Mentions for Business Copiers and Business Printers

While these print blogs aren't at the very top, they do have plenty of helpful information:

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