There’s a Cisco Small Business Solution for (Almost) Every SMB

By: Marco
March 27, 2024

A lot of our managed IT clients are surprised by how we talk with them. When we recommend solutions, we don’t just spout numbers and acronyms. Sure, we’re geeks. But what really geeks us out isn’t technology itself. It’s technology’s ability to help businesses accomplish more than they ever thought possible. 

We’ve had a strategic partnership with Cisco for a number of years. But when they came up with four modern workplace solutions, each designed to help a small or midsize business accomplish a specific goal, what can we say? They kind of had us at hello. 

An Overview of Cisco’s Small and Medium Business Solutions

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Cisco developed four bundled solutions and named them in such a way that they require very little explanation. 

The Smart SMB is best for organizations that want to use more smart devices to improve security and energy efficiency. The Hybrid SMB is optimized for the cloud and makes it easier for businesses and their IT teams to accommodate on-premises and cloud environments. The Secure SMB comes with enterprise-grade security for organizations that need to protect sensitive data. And the Remote SMB is designed to optimize collaboration from anywhere. 

And, while every business is different, with these four options, Cisco’s managed to accommodate the networking needs of most SMBs. If you’d like a little more info for context, you can find more detailed descriptions of these solutions in our recent blog


The Benefits of Cisco’s Solutions for Small Business

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Just to be clear, while each of these bundled solutions allows you to pick one area your business really needs a leg up in, all of these options have overlapping benefits. For example, even though the Secure SMB offers an additional boost in security, it’s not like the rest of these solutions leave you hanging. And although Webex is included with the Remote SMB, you can always add it to one of the others. 

So — take your pick — but all of these solutions would offer you these perks.


Cisco understands that small to midsize businesses need powerful technology that can be managed without a large in-house IT team. So they designed a simplified dashboard and app that makes it easy for anyone to set up, manage, and monitor their network. 


Cisco understands that creating some of the best networking solutions in the market won’t do them much good if most businesses can’t afford them. Not only are these solutions remarkably affordable — especially considering the value they provide, but they also are designed to grow along with you, so they can save you more money over time. 


Today’s business technology works together. And because Cisco also creates some of the best collaboration and security tools, as your needs change, you can add to what operates almost like a modular system. 

Cisco also plays nicely with others, and the company understands that even though your business may prefer Webex over Teams, your staff will probably need to use more than one video calling platform when meeting with someone outside your organization. So Cisco recently partnered with Microsoft, which makes it much easier for your staff to use both Webex and Teams interchangeably. 


Getting the Best Cisco Solutions for SMBs... and Then Some

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Did we mention that we had a strategic partnership with Cisco? Oh, would you look at that…we did!

In this business, who you know matters. We go out of our way to maintain strong relationships with the top manufacturers and software developers because it’s good for us and great for our clients. We can prove that our technicians are trained so well that they can support these solutions at a master level. And, depending on the solution, we can also offer special pricing. 

This blog was just a little bite-sized version of all there is to know about Cisco’s SMB solutions. But if you’re interested in getting your network up to speed the easy way, we’ve got more. Click the link below to visit our Cisco SMB page! 

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