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    Managed Print for Schools? Here's How They Benefit

    By: Dan Larkin
    December 5, 2019

    Not everyone understands how schools and their budgets work. It requires give and take to make everything come out even at the end of the fiscal year. Managed print services have helped hundreds of schools and districts save money and wisely manage their print environment. 

    School budgets can be complicated. When the end of the fiscal year comes, each principal in each school likely needs to make last minute spending decisions, and when it comes to printers, schools often load up on toner and maybe a couple of new devices.

    It’s not always planned out and strategic, and there is a better way. That’s why so many schools and school districts use Managed Print Services (MPS).

    MPS in Education: Short-term benefits

    An adult tutor pointing at a computer monitor explaining something to the student.The first benefit schools get with MPS is that the end-of-year panic to buy toner and equipment goes away. With a managed print services partner, a school’s printing environment becomes predictable and the cost savings begin to show up. Even new printers and copiers, if needed, are factored into the cost-per-page price provided to the school district.

    For school districts and colleges alike, folding new equipment into an MPS invoice can be a huge relief. Administrators and their IT professionals no longer need to be the first-line decision makers. They could rely on actionable intelligence as opposed to reacting to day-to-day requests.

    One more benefit: MPS helps a school manage printing from mobile devices, an issue that has skyrocketed in importance for many districts. Using MPS and programs like Papercut, a school can control access and printing costs while getting detailed analytics about what is going on with their printers.

    MPS in Education: Long Term Benefits

    One of the most significant long-term benefits of MPS for schools is their IT departments can get out of the printing business. Their IT staff can take everything about printers and copiers off of their to-do list. That gives them more time to work on other issues, and maybe even begin additional IT projects.

    MPS also helps maintain a school’s fleet of printers so they are operating efficiently and experiencing less downtime. And if they can’t be maintained any longer, new printers are part of the service package.

    Finally, managing your print environment is vital to controlling costs, so MPS gives a school or school district the data they need for decision-making. They can see what’s going on, at a district and individual level, and continually improve alongside their print strategy.


    With managed print services, your school can provide predictability in your educational print environment - where there otherwise may not be.

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