The ROI of Wide Format Printing

By: Jeff Vetter
November 15, 2023

If your business relies on wide format printing for its day-to-day operations, deciding whether or not to have this equipment in-house is usually pretty simple. You can easily compare the costs of outsourcing with the price of equipment and factor in the additional cost (and frustration) of any delays due to turn-around time.

But if you don’t need to create blueprints or architectural drawings on the regular, a wide format printer can still bring a surprising amount of ROI to a good many businesses. In this blog, I’ll explore a few different uses of wide format printing and how to save money on equipment.  

Common Uses of Wide Format Printers

Outside of producing blueprints and the like, wide format printers can be helpful for all sorts of businesses.  Depending on the type of wide format printer you buy, you can produce the following:

  • Banners, posters, signs, and artwork
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Product prototypes
  • Packaging
  • Marketing and trade show materials
  • Industrial components
  • Stickers and decals
  • Murals
  • Backlit film
  • Free-standing signs 
  • Backdrops
  • Window clings

Who Needs Wide Format Printers? 

Again, if you’re in an AEC field (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) and you need to produce or revise blueprints or schematics quickly, then there’s no substitute for having a wide format printer in-house. But there are plenty of use cases for this equipment that might surprise you! 


School using wide format printer for banner

Believe it or not, more school districts are choosing to invest in wide format printers! When you think about it, it just makes sense. Wide format printers can liven up classroom walls and hallways, produce health and safety equipment, add some school spirit to vehicles, highlight upcoming events, and help teachers create teaching aids.

Retail Shops

No matter how good your products may be, when you depend on foot traffic, your ability to attract people to step inside can make all the difference. Here are a few statistics that are hard to ignore: 

Wide format stats

Marketing Agencies

Beyond the ability to produce colorful posters, banners, and all sorts of marketing materials in-house, marketing agencies often have to deal with tight deadlines, last-minute revisions, and clients who have difficulty visualizing a concept unless they can see it mocked up. 

Having wide format printing capabilities can help agencies create pitch materials and presentations and respond to revisions quickly to stand out from the pack.  

Healthcare Institutions

Want to bring some cheer to your pediatric ward without using a lick of paint? Wide format printers can get the job done quickly. You can also produce your own charts, disease prevention posters, and safety signs. You can also produce large nurse, physician, and surgeon schedules each week, so busy staff can see who’s available at a glance. 

Entertainment Businesses 

Entertainment business Arts Festival sign

Have an upcoming event at your casino, movie theater, or arts venue? You can easily promote it to those who are probably the likeliest to attend — your current customers. It’s tough to get people to follow businesses on social media, and if we’re honest, most of our email inboxes are stuffed full of offers. But an attractive, eye-catching sign doesn’t take time out of anyone’s day, and no one has to hit subscribe in order to see it. 

Hotels and Conference Centers

If you frequently host weddings, conferences, or corporate events, you’re probably well-versed in the benefits a wide-format printer can bring to the hospitality industry. Posters, banners, and standing signs can help inform attendees about the schedule and where to go for presentations, breakout sessions, and meals from a distance. Hotels can also use this equipment to freshen up guest rooms with new art, liven up the breakfast area, and make the front desk area pop. 

Government Agencies

Polling place Vote Here sign

Aside from producing safety and public health notices, maps, and educational materials, government agencies that host events, workshops, or public meetings can help enhance engagement and set the right tone with signage, promotional materials, and displays. 

Buying or leasing a wide format printer can be a significant expense, but don’t worry — we have ways of helping you save!

How To Save Money on Wide Format Printing

HP wide format printers are known for their speed and versatility. If you’re only looking to invest in one additional device, those are both nice plusses. We also love how their large touchscreen displays make it easy to view, access, and print shared files. 

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