The Right Cloud Computing Solution Is the One With the Best Support

By: Clay Ostlund
November 22, 2019

cloud_computing_solution_providerWith so many managed IT providers offering access and easy migration to cloud computing, it can be difficult to determine which company is the best to partner with on this journey. As you compare the services and technologies offered by a provider, remember that any good cloud computing solution starts with solid, reliable support.

Here are some of the ways a quality cloud services provider will support your cloud computing solution:

Redefining Software

Cloud computing allows your company access to the most up-to-date software programs available without placing undue burden on your internal IT department to install, monitor, upgrade and train employees on the new programs. Software as a Service (SaaS) deploys software for your employees to use over the Internet. Your cloud services provider is responsible for the installation and maintenance of those programs.

Lighten the Infrastructure Load

Your IT department's biggest task is often monitoring and maintaining your company's IT infrastructure. You know, the infrastructure responsible for supporting and enabling business applications and web-based activities. Working with a cloud provider that offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) frees your company from the financial burden of purchasing servers and software and the constant struggle of hardware maintenance.

More importantly, IaaS enables your company to grow without overwhelming your IT staff. Your cloud services provider offers all the support you need to increase bandwidth, storage and accessibility to keep your business operating smoothly.

A New Vision for Platform Services

For those companies involved in the development of software, Platform as a Service (PaaS) supports your company's development needs without housing all of the required infrastructure and services within your company. A cloud services provider offers your company a platform — accessed via the web — that enables software creation without all the in-house work.

Avoid Death by Obsolescence

Transitioning to cloud computing gives your company the support it needs to stay up to date with the latest changes in software, upgrades to systems and accessibility features, without worrying about how to maintain and monitor all of those new technologies.

In addition, your IT department can refocus its energy on the long-term goals of the business, developing the support programs that the company requires to remain on the cutting edge of its industry.

Transition From Ownership to User-Based Service

In a cloud computing environment, the greatest support you get is what's provided to your IT staff. With a reliable cloud services provider as your partner, your IT staff can focus on developing strategies that support corporate growth without worrying about the daily issues. Let your provider deal with email outages, server issues and software compatibility.

On top of that, reap some financial benefits by transitioning from capital expenditures to an operating expense. Instead of buying all of the equipment needed to support business operations, purchasing new software licenses and paying for constant repairs, you pay fixed prices each month to enjoy access to servers, bandwidth, software and more that is kept up to date by your provider.

Keep Security in Mind

As you compare the options and weigh the benefits of different cloud services, look for the cloud computing provider with the best combination of real-time support for your staff, as well as the infrastructure and support required to keep your business safe. Contact a Marco rep now:

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