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    The Top 6 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Security

    By: Mike Burgard
    July 19, 2019

    Imagine you’re in charge of providing security for a big, important event. Do you reach out to your cousin Chad who worked for mall security one summer during college? Or, do you do yourself a little research and hire a professional, experienced crew on the leading edge of security training and technology?

    Sorry Chad, you’re out.


    The same philosophy applies to protecting IT security

    In a perfect world, you’d have a Chad or a team of Chads inside your business who were all cream-of-the-crop IT security gurus. And they’d knock the ball out of the park for a very modest compensation package.

    Well, this is no perfect world. Having a top-notch in-house IT support team isn’t a luxury that small-to medium-sized businesses can afford. Luckily, today’s companies (even young startups with minimal capital) can economically outsource IT security to the best minds in the business—minimizing their risk of security breaches in an online world.

    The almighty dollar

    Hiring an on-site IT staff, keeping them trained on the latest technology and investing in hardware and software costs an arm and a leg. Even during downtime when everything is running smoothly, the company is still cutting those hefty IT paychecks. By outsourcing, a company only pays for technology upgrades and services when they’re needed. This helps reallocate budgeted resources elsewhere in the business, for a true win-win situation.

    Diversified, certified experience

    Something happens with an in-house IT staff—even if they’re immensely talented and certified. They get “too close” to the internal workings of the organization. They monitor the same general analytics, identify and fix the same general problems and fall into a bit of a rut by not facing new challenges. With an outsourced team, those guys and gals carry the top certifications and have collectively “seen it all.” So, when a fresh security issue at your organization does arise, a provider’s diversified experience is pre-loaded to go to work for you.

    Act like a big shot


    When trying to staff an IT security team, small and mid-sized companies simply can’t compete with the massive budgets of their large-scale competitors. Outsourcing to an IT provider effectively levels the playing field. Suddenly, any company can have access to the same technology and expertise as the big shots.



    Immediate upgrades

    One of the top reasons businesses get breached is because of older, more vulnerable systems. They leave the door open for hackers to walk right in with their mayhem. Keeping that door shut and locked requires constant monitoring to ensure that all software and workstations are up-to-date. A talented, security-focused IT support partner has the most current technological tools to protect your data—now and into the future, as existing systems approach their expiration dates.

    Layers of security

    Ask yourself: Is your firewall up-to-snuff? Have you installed DMZ? Are all workstations and servers audited? Have you implemented PCI security standards? An outsourced IT security partner will answer all these questions and more, and use layered security best practices to manage and maintain the right security strategy for firewalls, DNS security, automated software patching, anti-virus/anti-malware and password managers. Plus, since the data is maintained off-site, it’s protected from local catastrophes like fire or flooding.

    graphic of people in a scope

    Stay focused

    This is the big one, folks. Trusting your cyber security to an expert team allows you to collectively exhale with total peace of mind. Then, you can focus all your energy, creativity and talent toward pushing your core business where you want it to go.

    Pros and cons of outsourcing

    All this said, outsourcing isn't always the answer. Evaluate your team's efforts, what needs to change and what is great as-is. Identify the pros and cons to determine whether outsourcing your IT is a must. If you're not sure if your team needs some help, contact a Marco rep to get started.

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