The Race to Zero is On, and Your Telecom Carrier Services are at Risk

By: Marco
July 12, 2018

Internet connectivity, software platforms and cloud computing are increasingly in demand as companies look to provide better services to employees and customers without breaking their budget in the process. As companies look for ways to continue to reduce the costs of technology, the race to zero is well underway. 

What is the Race to Zero?

"The race to zero" refers to a competitive pricing war taking place within the telecom industry. As telecom carriers race to give clients the services needed at a competitive price, their prices are plummeting in a bid to sway customers to their service over another.

On the surface, the race to zero sounds like a win for telecom users. The problem with the race to zero is that the less you pay, the less you seem to get; after all, in order for businesses to charge less, things need to cost less.

How Will This Change Telecom Services?

The race to zero is on, and your telecom carrier services are at risk

Lower prices inevitably mean less of something. In the race to zero, this often means areas like service, support, connectivity and automation take a hit. 

One popular tactic is increasing storage and bandwidth for customers while using less efficient equipment in data centers. For example, some providers are installing servers without load balancing, increasing the odds of downtime and making it more difficult to adapt to seasonal changes. 

Another common tactic is to simply provide less support to customers. This can come in many forms, including limiting access to assistance and providing slower response times to questions or issues.

Essentially, the danger of this race to zero is that you may not end up with a carrier that meets your needs and your budget. Luckily, carriers aren't your only support resource for this important service. A telecom consultant or telecom agent can bridge the ever-widening gap between you and your carriers.

Marco's Role in the Race to Zero

With a few big names dominating the telecom service industry, there are fewer voices out there offering real guidance and advice for you. Oftentimes, these major providers tell you what you want instead of listening to your needs and offering advice. 

In these circumstances, your best move is to partner with a telecom consultant. After getting to know you and understanding your business, your consultant can act on your behalf and be your voice with the carriers, making sure you get the services you need.

Telecom Carrier Consultants have the knowledge and experience to help businesses like yours compare the offerings of multiple carriers, and will recommend the best solution based on your operations and budget.

With a telecom consultant as your partner, you can make telecom decisions with the confidence of knowing you'll have the best services for your needs, with unwavering service and support when needed.

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