Technology Help Desk Experts' New Year's Resolutions

By: Patty Funk
December 31, 2014

technology_help_desk_new_years_resolutionsIt’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of 2014. With the year-end come festivities, fun and New Year’s resolutions. It has been another great year for us, and we’re looking forward to making 2015 even more enjoyable and more successful. On the path of continuous improvement, our experts set goals and resolutions for themselves - whether it be personally or professionally. Below is a collection of those resolutions from our always-reliable Help Desk Experts.

A Bit about Resolutions

On average, roughly 45% of all Americans make a New Year’s resolution. Like many personal goals, these can range from exercising more, working smarter, eating healthier or meeting new goals at work. According to research from the Journal of Clinical Psychology, people who make a New Year’s resolution are about 10 times more likely to adjust their habits during the year than those who choose not to make one.

As many of us have probably experienced, not all resolutions go as planned. An additional study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that nearly 54% of individuals give up on New Year’s resolutions within six months. While statistics report that only about 8% succeed in meeting their goal by the end of the year, we know we can work hard and make our resolutions happen. Why? The good news is that when you take the time to identify a resolution and how it will help you to improve either personally or professionally, you’re one step closer to making your New Year’s resolution a successful one.


Our Resolutions

Marco’s client care team will collectively continue to strive for the following in 2015:

  • Do their best to make every situation a win - win
  • Keep a consistent open mind
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Help someone in need every day

By living these resolutions every day, our help desk experts are best suited to serve Marco customers. Individually, however, many of our experts have set resolutions as well. Here are a few:

Jay Okins, Service Delivery Coordinator

Okins_JayNew Year’s Resolution: To continue to improve my leadership, communication and people skills.

Why? All three are important in achieving personal and professional success while contributing to Marco's overall success. I plan on achieving this by reading more John Maxwell books and applying what I have learned.

Jennie Buhl, Service Delivery Coordinator

Buhl_JennieNew Year’s Resolution: Eat healthier foods and enjoy some R&R.

Why? Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle are things that I feel are very important to overall happiness and viability. Also, learning to spend time outside of the daily routine and enjoy some rest and relaxation can also promote healthy living and overall happiness.

Peggy VanNurden, Service Delivery Coordinator

VanNurden_PeggyNew Year’s Resolution: My resolution is to focus on doing more volunteer work within my community and at my church. I want to be actively involved in some type of event every month.

Why? I chose this as my resolution because I strongly believe in acting on my faith and allowing my actions to continue to build a strong community. And it's rewarding to see the impact doing good has on those around you. I am going to work with my church's leaders to find out how I can contribute.

Josh, IT Help Desk

Josh NimerfrohNew Year’s Resolution: To lose all the weight I gain sitting in my chair all day long!

Why? I know the benefits of exercise especially for people like me who are stationary for the better part of every day. Plus, I have a gym membership, so I will try to start working out.


About our Help Desk Experts

Have you ever had an issue with a machine or piece of equipment and picked up the phone hoping to get some answers, only to find you’re punching in numbers and talking to an automated voice? And maybe after you’ve finally reached a real, live person, you find out they’re millions of miles away and aren’t clear on what equipment your business has or what issues you’ve had in the past? Pretty frustrating, isn’t it?

With Marco, whenever you have an issue or question that needs solving, you’ll be able to pick up the phone and talk to not only a human, but someone who is local, and familiar with your company, your equipment and what services you have with Marco. Marco’s live call answer rate is 98%, so you’ll have little to no wait when you call our support team. Our Help Desk experts are reliable, patient and extremely knowledgeable and are able to help our customers and clients get an answer. And, possibly the best part – many problems can be resolved over the phone with step-by-step help. We do what we can to eliminate the downtime and wait for a service technician to take a look. Because we understand that technology is ever-changing and at times can be challenging to tackle. We’re here for our customers whenever they need us.


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