Introducing Marco’s Stax Program — Technology Bundling You Can Believe In

By: Trevor Akervik
January 1, 2021

Without proper attention, business technology can easily get out of control. This is especially true during periods of business growth. As your business grows, so do its needs—your needs. Adding technology services enables your business capabilities, but they also add complexity. Each service has to be managed and maintained. From renewals and managing separate invoices to dealing with multiple help desks to get the support and service you need, multiple technology services can be a real drag. 

We created our new Stax program out of a determination to help today’s businesses benefit from technology services as they grow and change, without being weighed down. The Stax program offers a one-stop-shop for businesses to get their technology needs met. And it bundles the top technology services businesses need in a simple, easy-to-access package. 

What does Marco's Stax program do? For one thing, it'll help keep your desk from looking like a mess.

Marco’s Stax Program

Marco’s Stax program makes a new way of bundling business technology possible. It allows you to take multiple services—Managed IT, UnifyIT, Voice and Print—and roll them into a single program. It eliminates the confusion and complexity around managing multiple service agreements, renewal dates and invoices. 

Plus, it all comes with a term-length loyalty discount and the same great Marco service and support you already rely on. 

For the Stax program, there are four eligible services: 

  • Managed IT
  • UnifyIT
  • Voice
  • Print

About The Program

While a Stax program can consist of all four services listed, the program also works by bundling just two or three services.

Here’s an example: 

If you have a copier lease agreement with Marco and also require Managed IT services, the Stax program allows for bundling those two services. When you bundle two or more of the four services into a Stax agreement, you receive a term-length loyalty discount and simplified management of your services. The more services you bundle with Marco, the more money you save.

Additional services can be added to your Stax program at any time, it just requires a bit of adjusting to ensure all the terms line up.  

All services under a Stax agreement are under a single provider. They have matching terms and renewal dates, and they will all be wrapped into a consolidated invoice with flexible terms. 

By bundling your business technology into a Stax program, you receive the top technology services your need, a term-length loyalty discount and a single provider for all services. Simple, right?

Why Marco?

As a leading technology provider, Marco has been making business technology better, easier and more accessible for decades. Over the years, we’ve continued to learn, change and adapt our offerings to meet the changing needs of today’s businesses. And that’s a big reason why we created our Stax program. We realize business technology is complex, and with the Stax program, we keep that complexity on our end and deliver technology services with ease. 

Curious to see how a Stax agreement can bring more simplicity to your business technology services? Contact a Marco rep today. 

Frustrated with multiple renewal dates and invoices? Bundle with Stax

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