An Inside Look At Marco's Help Desk Support

By: Trevor Akervik
June 26, 2019

The moment you need support, support desk services become very important. We all know downtime is expensive, and frustrated employees come at a cost. But a great help desk can do more than just answer calls; they’re also committed to monitoring your network and resolving issues as quickly as possible.

Marco's help desk services are structured to solve end-user issues and keep businesses running at their best. Here's an inside look at what differentiates Marco's help desk support.

Marco’s Help Desk Support

Size And Scale

A help desk support staff member with a headset on looking at a computer screenWe have anywhere from 80-90 full-time technicians answering the phones at our help desk. When any of our customers call in, they’ll first connect with a technician who is knowledgeable about business technology.

The technicians on the front line answering calls are trained in fielding calls and providing rapid resolutions. But, in the event that a client’s needs are more in-depth, we have escalation teams focused on specific skills.

For instance, if a client is experiencing a network infrastructure problem, we have certified engineers ready to take that call. The same goes for Office 365 or IT security.

Direct Access To Internal Staff

Our help desk is staffed by Marco employees. We do not route our calls out to a third party provider for multiple reasons, including efficiency and quality of care. We make it a point to fully document and understand any technology needs or issues our clients may have. With an internal help desk model, we can ensure direct access to our systems and all client information. Plus, we maintain control over the experience provided on a call-by-call basis.

24/7 Help Desk Support

Marco’s help desk is staffed 24/7. Many IT providers simply aren’t large enough to offer this — and those that are typically outsource their support desk services to a third-party company. Inside or outside of business hours, our clients receive the same standard of service whether the call comes in at 9:00 AM, 2:00 AM, or on a Saturday.  

Small Company Feel

Our help desk services also include structured C.A.R.E Teams. Each new client is assigned a smaller group of technicians who are specifically tied to their account. This means that our clients end up working with the same group of technicians on an ongoing basis. As an added benefit, the technicians in a client’s group will have expertise in their industry and services. This enables Marco, a larger company, to still provide a small company feel with our support services.

Monitoring And Analytics

In addition to providing clients with exceptional service whenever clients call or email, Marco’s help desk support services also use monitoring agents to keep business technology functioning at its best. Monitoring agents allow us to document data and detect smaller issues before they become larger problems. By building a deep and wide base of knowledge, we’re able to regularly implement fixes and ensure technologies are up-to-date.

Keep Business Technology Running With Marco

A major goal of our help desk services is to resolve client issues as quickly as possible. And the many features of our support desk reflect that. We’ve built our help desk up to a size and scale where we can offer internal staff providing 24/7 support. Still, we’ve structured our offering in ways that ensure our clients don’t feel lost in the shuffle.

Providing a small company feel remains at the core of Marco, even as our company continues to grow. Working with expert engineers and network monitoring data enables us to support our clients’ business technology today and into the future.

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