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    Roundup: Everything You need to Know About Managed Print Services for Retail

    By: Dan Larkin
    November 28, 2016

    When it comes to Managed Print Services, the primary concerns it addresses are universal: How do I maintain and manage a fleet of print devices? How do I supply each device with toner? How do I fix those devices when they need repair? Beyond these basic concerns, each industry has specific hurdles when it comes to managing their print environment.

    Managed Print Services for Retail

    Roundup: Everything You need to Know About Managed Print Services for RetailWhen it comes to retail print, leaving headquarters responsible for managing each individual store can quickly get out of hand. Oftentimes, retail stores span multiple states and regions. Even national and international retailers can secure a single Managed Print Services (MPS) contract. And once under that contract, the answer to all three questions stated above is the same: Marco handles it.

    MPS for Retail Roundup

    For the past few months, I’ve been covering the specifics of how Managed Print Services transforms the headache of managing retail print environments into an efficient, productive process that benefits retail businesses in multiple ways. I’ve gathered what’s been created and included it below, along with links to full blog posts and a customer testimonial.

    MPS Tracks and Reports Usage Data

    An unmanaged or undermanaged print environment provides little to no cumulative data. With MPS, each individual machine, each individual store and the entire print network provides extensive usage data. Collected data is shared with corporate, enabling them to make informed decisions.  

    MPS Brings Transparency to Retail Print Environments

    Leaving each location to address their individual print problem isn’t the most cost-effective option. MPS gives corporate a clear, data-driven view into the print environment at each individual store.

    MPS Reduces Retail Personnel Costs

    Maintaining a functioning print environment means time spent requesting maintenance or services, ordering supplies or filling out invoice requests can now be focused on completing job duties. 

    MPS Overcomes the Geographical Hurdles in Retail

    When centrally located retail headquarters manage the print devices at each individual location, print issues are addressed after they’ve become disruptive to workflow. Waiting for employees to report and request maintenance or service leaves corporate in the position of being reactive instead of proactive.

    MPS Keeps Retail Competitive with Online Stores

    MPS itself helps retail stores reduce overhead expenses and expect a consistent, monthly investment in their print network. Additionally, the reported data allows corporate to implement further cost saving initiatives – with the data to back them up.

    MPS for Retail at Pawn America

    Regional retailer Pawn America has maintained a Managed Print Services contract for the past three years and counting. Learn about the success they’ve had with Marco’s MPS for retail in their customer success story.

    If there’s a specific question, concern or hurdle regarding your retail print environment, reach out to one of our print specialists and start a conversation. Most likely, we’ll have a solution waiting for you.

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