Should You Buy Or Lease A Copier? Here's What You Need To Know

By: Kevin Schmidt
July 26, 2021

Marco_Headers_CopiersPrintersThe office copier is one piece of technology that plays an important role in today's businesses. Employees use it each day to copy documents for meetings, print files for presentations and scan records into document management software programs. This equipment is essential for productivity within your office, so what do you do when it needs replacing?

When it is time to replace old print technology or add new equipment, how does your office acquire the copiers you need? The most popular options are to either purchase new equipment or enter into a printer lease. 

Buying Versus Leasing

Purchasing a printer for your business is a significant investment, no matter how you go about acquiring a new device. Leasing is becoming a common approach to acquiring new technology, but many business owners still struggle with the choice. You must decide what best suits your company better.

When you purchase a new copier, there's a significant, up-front capital investment. However, then you own the equipment and aren't continually making payments. Additionally, you take on the expense of managing and maintaining the device. Without a service contract in place, your employees or IT team would be responsible for keeping your copiers operational and up-to-date. 

Leasing eliminates the upfront cost associated with buying. For businesses with limited financial resources, this can be an advantage. Copier leases rarely require a down payment; instead you're making regular payments on a device that you don't own. If you opt for copier leasing rather than buying, you likely can update your equipment more regularly.

Managed Print Services For All Copiers

pexels-pixabay-259006Whether you choose to buy or lease your print technology, Marco's Managed Print Services provides an affordable option that allows your business to maintain the most up-to-date technology, while also having access to the industry experts for printing needs, ongoing support and equipment maintenance.

Working with a Managed Print Services provider keeps things easy for you because the provider handles all print-related tasks for you. This allows your IT staff to focus on other priorities and reduces downtime for other employees waiting for equipment to be repaired.

With Managed Print Services you can:

  • Save on print costs: Organizations that partner with Marco typically save up to 30 percent on expenses related to their print environment.
  • Save on printer repairs, replacements, toner refills: When devices are at the end of their usable life, we’ll replace them without an upcharge. You can expect prompt, expert-level service. And toner is automatically shipped to the correct location when it’s time.
  • Get unlimited help desk support: Our experienced, tech-savvy help desk will help you through any issues related to printing, scanning, copying, faxing and network connectivity.

Simplify With Stax

Looking to simplify your print strategy? Consider Marco's Stax program. Using Marco Stax, you can choose the technology services you need to simplify your business operations, and save along the way. For one predictable, flat-rate expense, you can select up to four options: Stax Print, Stax Voice, Stax Managed IT and Stax IdentifyIT. Your agreement includes the equipment, service, supplies and your team's usage. No more unexpected, hard-to-budget-for overage invoices or worries of sending in meter reads. 

Calculate Your Costs

After all of this, you still might be asking yourself: Is it better to buy or lease a copier for my business? There's no right answer, because it often depends on the business, how many devices you have, and how you use them. However, you can calculate your potential savings by downloading our Print Costs Calculator. To learn more about copiers and printers—and what will work best for your business—talk with one of our copier printer specialists.

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