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    Copier Leasing or Buying? Here's What You Need to Know

    By: Marco
    October 25, 2017

    Copier Leasing or Buying? Here's What You Need to KnowThe office copier is one piece of technology that plays an important role in today's businesses. Employees use it each day to copy meeting documents, print off files for presentations and scan records into document management software programs. This equipment is essential for productivity within your office, so what do you do when it needs replacing?

    When it is time to replace old print technology or add new equipment, how does your office acquire the copiers you need? The most popular options are to either purchase new equipment or enter into a printer lease. Many organizations are unsure of the best way to manage this process. You may be asking yourself: Is copier leasing or copier buying better for my business? 

    Luckily, we have some information to help make your decision an easier one to make. Let's look at your options...

    Option 1: Copier Purchasing

    Let's look at cost. When you purchase a new copier, there's a significant, up-front capital investment. Depending on your financial situation, purchasing a new copier can tie up lines of credit and stress your budget.

    Additionally, when you purchase a copier, you take on the expense of managing and maintaining the device. Without a service contract in place, your team would be responsible for keeping your copiers operational and up-to-date. And, if maintenance (beyond the basics) is required, your staff would have to schedule service from a provider.

    Option 2: Copier Leasing

    First and foremost, leasing eliminates the upfront cost associated with buying. For businesses with limited financial resources, this can be a huge advantage. Copier leases rarely require a down payment; businesses simply have a single, predictable monthly expense associated with their copier.

    Additionally, leasing keeps your office print technology updated. With hardware and software programs constantly updating, your copier needs to keep pace. If you opt for copier leasing rather than buying, you can update your equipment regularly, ensuring that you always have advanced technology available for your employees.

    Managed Print from Marco

    The best option for many businesses is a managed print services program. This is essentially a service that includes all the management, maintenance and support you’ll need for your print technology. A managed print services provider keeps things easy by handling all print-related tasks, allowing your employees to focus on their priorities. Our Managed Print Services offer the following:

    • Assessment & Discovery: We take the time to assess copier usage in your office, determine which equipment best matches your operations and help manage your output effectively going forward.
    • Monitoring & Reporting: We can configure all your office printers, allowing them to "talk" to us about everything from ink/toner levels to paper usage. We can then use that information to automate toner shipment and identify areas for improvement.
    • Support & Upgrades: It’s our job to keep your copier operating, but when it does require service we’ll be there to get you up and running quickly. When the need to upgrade your machines arises, we’ll re-assess your printing needs and recommend the best equipment for your business.

    Managed Print Services provides an affordable copier leasing option that allows your business to maintain the most up-to-date technology, while also having access to the industry experts for printing needs, ongoing support and equipment maintenance.

    Through Managed Print Services we save organizations money by streamlining their print environment and improving their workflow. If you are interested in calculating your potential savings, download our Print Costs Calculator.

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