Prioritizing Cybersecurity in a Hybrid Workplace

By: Marco
October 25, 2021

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. For employees, this means working on personal or company devices at home that connect them to the office. For employers, this means data and networks can be more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

pexels-mart-production-7606056Given today’s remote work culture, security needs to be top of mind when discussing business technology. And it’s not just big businesses who are at risk. Cyberattacks on large companies make the news more often, but small and medium-sized businesses are prime targets because many lack strong security practices.

Outsourcing your IT and security services to a Managed Service Provider means you will have experienced professionals monitoring devices within your network environment to protect against cyberattacks.

Make Security a Priority

Marco’s Managed IT Services are designed within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework to provide appropriate security risk management to businesses. This means, Marco works to identify risks, protect your environment, detect and respond to suspicious activity and help you recover, if needed.

In addition to protecting your network, Marco trains end users on how to safely use your technology. Since your business is in the hands of your employees, cybersecurity is a team effort. We work with businesses to offer training and conduct regular testing to ensure employees are well-equipped to identify a potential cyberattack.

Security Solutions To Consider

Marco works with businesses to design cybersecurity solutions that fit their needs, particularly when it comes to these three areas:

pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-51982391. Network Security

Marco’s secure wireless networks screen for authorization prior to connecting. We develop secure screening processes that default non-authorized devices to your guest network and allow authorized devices to go through your intrusion detection system. We support network security through:

  • Content and URL filtering: Our filtering and monitoring software prevents your users from accessing inappropriate, offensive and illegal content on the internet.
  • Authentication/identification: Implement solutions such as authentication software, key fobs and biometric authentication to protect your corporate information.
  • Data encryption: Marco secures your wireless connections, Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Secure Socket Layers (SSL) with data encryption software.

2. Intrusion Detection

While you need to protect your network from outside hackers, you and your employees should be aware that many security problems happen from the inside out. As employees rely on personal and mobile devices to access data, your organization’s potential exposure to viruses and security risks grows.

Marco’s intrusion prevention systems provide passive and real-time monitoring, arming your network with the intelligence to instantly recognize and respond to attacks, threats, exploits, worms and viruses. 

3. Firewalls

Marco’s firewall solutions arm you with network intelligence and control. Marco uses industry-leading tools that enforce security based on the entire context of a situation. This includes who the user is, what application or website the user is trying to access, where the access originates, when it occurs and how the access is being attempted. Think of it as a four-pronged approach to security.

Ensure Your Workplace Is Secure

Businesses need security solutions that prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to their network and ensure authorized devices have the appropriate security safeguards in place. Marco’s experienced cybersecurity and IT professionals will work with your business to ensure your organization is protected and your day-to-day IT needs are covered.

To begin assessing your organization, view our Security Checklist or connect with a Marco specialist to learn how you can leverage a specially designed set of industry tools, as well as Marco's technical expertise. Marco can serve as your guide to continually assess and improve the security of your IT environment, so you can rest easy.

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