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    Meter Readings Running You Down? Consider Marco's All-You-Can-Print Services

    By: Dan Larkin
    August 22, 2019

    For years and years, meter readings have been at the core of print service offerings. If your business was working with a managed print provider, odds are that members of your internal team were responsible for regularly gathering meter readings and reporting those numbers to your provider. In turn, your provider used those readings to inform invoicing. And every quarter (or some other predetermined period of time) the cycle repeats. 

    Print Meter Reading Can Be a Pain

    While it works for some, the repeating cycle of collecting and reporting meter readings can get old fast. For instance, take a business with multiple locations and around 400 total print devices. This business would have to physically collect meter readings from every non-network print device at every location, four times a year. For businesses looking for opportunities to increase efficiencies and be strategic about how internal employees spend their time, repeatedly collecting meter readings seems like a waste of time and resources. 

    Employee using a digital printer office copy machineSo, we asked our clients.

    It turns out, meter readings were something they dreaded, but they just thought they had to deal with. Many of the internal employees tasked with gathering and reporting readings found the task cumbersome and inefficient. They thought that if meter readings went away for good, they wouldn’t miss them one bit. 

    As it turns out, managed print services makes a lot of sense to our clients, but collecting meter readings doesn’t. So, we listened. 

    Marco’s All-You-Can-Print Services

    In an effort to incorporate client feedback into our service offering, we looked at the possibility of integrating an unlimited print model into our offerings. What we saw was an opportunity to add more ease to managed print by removing the burden of collecting and reporting meter readings. We developed Marco’s All-You-Can-Print Services, a managed print offering that relies on the number and type of devices to determine invoice pricing instead of print volume.

    This new offering lands in the larger category of Device as a Service (DaaS). Although the DaaS market is still relatively young, we’ve seen success with clients excited about making the switch. All-You-Can-Print Services provides a truly consistent invoice that makes budgeting a nonissue. There’s no increase based on usage, so even during your busiest season, your invoice doesn’t change. Instead, it only changes if you add or remove devices. That’s it. 

    Managed Print Services Make Sense ...

    ... even if collecting meter readings doesn’t. Marco’s All-You-Can-Print Services works with many different makes and models of printers and copiers. Whether your business relies on Konica Minolta, Cannon, HP or another brand, we can apply our DaaS unlimited print model to your business. 

    Managed print services is nothing new. Businesses have strategically outsourced the management of their print environments for decades. It’s proven time and time again to be a smart business decision, and as print technology continues to evolve and grow in complexity, we’re committed to providing options that work for our clients and any potential new clients out there. If you’d like to discuss how All-You-Can-Print Services can benefit your business, get in touch with one of our print specialists:

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