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    4 Signs Marco’s New All-You-Can-Print Model is Right for Your Business

    By: Dan Larkin
    May 28, 2019

    Image of three stacks of business documents with various colors of clips and tabs. Just a few short months ago, we introduced a new pricing model option for printing. Specifically, it applies to businesses receiving Marco’s Managed Print Services. If you currently partner with us for your managed print, there’s no need to worry — nothing is changing automatically — we’ve introduced this managed service pricing model as an addition to the existing model. This way, our customers can decide whether or not they’d like to stay as is or switch over. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

    But for the businesses better suited to the new model, switching over will offer a few key benefits. How will you know where your business lands? Consider whether or not these signs apply to you.

    1. Collecting Meter Readings is a Chore

    On the existing print model, collecting quarterly meter readings was part of the deal. This meant that someone (or a group of people) at your business was tasked with visiting each and every print device to take a meter reading. For offices with a handful of printers, this might not seem like much of anything, but here at Marco, we work with businesses of all sizes.

    Take, for example, a college campus with 2,000 printers. Under the cost-per-print model, collecting meter readings from all 2,000 devices would be someone’s job, and they would need to complete that job on a quarterly basis. Whether it’s one individual who makes the rounds or the data gets collected building-by-building, that’s a lot of effort and a lot of hours.

    2. Inconsistent Print Expenses Complicate Budgeting

    Beyond eliminating meter readings, the new, all-you-can-print model also provides a consistent monthly invoice, instead of one that changes based on print volume. When we eliminated meter readings, we also eliminated any pricing fluctuations. But if the new managed print pricing model doesn’t depend on the number of pages printed, what does it depend on? The all-you-can-print pricing model comes down to your number of devices. That’s it. It’s that simple.

    3. Managing Print Volume is a Pain

    When print volume is the determining factor for how much the services cost, businesses end up focusing time and energy on keep print volume within reason. This is especially true when overages lead to overage charges. Many businesses experience seasonal changes, which can also impact print volume. With the new pricing model, businesses are no longer tasked with trying to keep print volume down, and overage charges aren’t even part of the equation. Instead, your business gets to focus on doing business.

    4. Everything Else is Working

    The final sign that the new model might be right for you is that all the other components of the service are working for you. With all-you-can-print, there are no meter readings, no invoice fluctuations and no overage charges. But everything else has stayed the same. With Marco’s Managed Services, our customers receive automatic toner replacement, 24/7 client services support, fast-paced service and maintenance and convenient online services. These things combined make our managed print offering robust and comprehensive, and we’ve kept them the same with this new offering.

    If these signs resonate with you, consider getting in touch with your Marco representative to learn more about this new model. And if you’re new to managed print and want to learn more about how it can benefit your business, get started today with a print assessment.

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