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    Myth Series #10: IT’s Going to Continue to Cost More and More [Video]

    By: Trevor Akervik
    August 29, 2018

    Watch as Shelly Caldwell, our Regional Sales Manager for the Southern MN and Twin Cities markets, disproves the myth that working with Marco for Managed Services will leave businesses with ever-increasing costs. Here’s a breakdown of what variables actually cause Managed Services pricing to increase.


    Managed Services Pricing

    At Marco, it’s our job to let prospective clients know how our Managed Services pricing model works and what it means for their individual business. When answering the question How much does Managed IT Services cost? It’s important to know that Marco determines Managed IT costs per users. What that means is that once you start Managed Services, it’s the number of users that impacts your monthly investment. It’s what we refer to as pricing per user.

    Pricing Per User

    If your number of employees increases, your monthly investment in the service increases. If your number of employees decreases, so does your monthly investment. We’ve found that pricing per user makes the most sense when it comes to Managed IT pricing. It gives our clients a predictable expense, where they are clear about how or why that expense can go up.

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