Boost Your Technology Savings with Marco’s Stax Program

By: Trevor Akervik
January 11, 2021

Marco’s Stax program is structured to help businesses add ease to their operations and lower their expenses at the same time. It applies a loyalty discount to your services; a discount that grows with every service you add to your program. Before we dive into the discount, let’s take a quick look at what the Stax program includes.

What is the Stax Program? 

Put simply, Marco’s Stax program allows businesses to bundle their technology services in the name of simplicity and savings.

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When you combine at least two—and up to four—eligible services into a Stax agreement, you receive a simplified experience. You will also:

  • Work with a single technology provider for all the services in your agreement.
  • Have a consolidated invoice with flexible terms covering all the services. 
  • Have flexibility as you grow.

But beyond the simplicity there’s the opportunity for cost savings. 

The eligible services for Marco’s Stax program are: 

  • Print
  • Voice
  • Managed IT
  • UnifyIT

When businesses opt into a Stax program agreement, with two or more of these services, they receive a term-length loyalty discount. 

The Marco Stax Program Discount

We created the program to bring both savings and ease to businesses—saving you money is built right into the Stax program. It’s designed as a “buy more, save more” loyalty program. 

Here’s how it works. 

Once you’ve combined two eligible services into your Stax program, you’ll receive a term-length loyalty discount. Basically, a monthly discount will be applied to your invoice. As you continue to add services, your discount will grow. 

The more services, the larger the savings. 

Want to see what your Stax program discount will look like? We’ve created a handy tool to show you just that. It’s a tech discount calculator, and it will calculate how much you can save with the Stax program.


Benefits of Bundling Tech Services with Marco

Marco has a decades-long track record as a leading technology provider. With experience working across all industries, we offer an unmatched level of technology expertise. In terms of keeping your business technology operating at peak efficiency, we’re at the head of the pack. 

One Provider

When you partner with one provider for multiple technology services, they’ll maintain a better understanding of your business and business needs, resulting in better overall service. 

Consolidated Invoicing

When all your technology services are within a single agreement, you benefit from simplified, consolidated invoicing. 

Save as You Grow

The more you bundle, the more you’ll save. It truly is that simple—try our tech discount calculator to calculate your savings. 

Same Great Service

Regardless of which services you add to your program, you can expect Marco’s exceptional customer service every step of the way. 


There’s no single way a Stax program has to look. You can join with any combination of the eligible services. As your business grows, it’s easy to scale your services accordingly. 

Start Boosting Technology Savings with a Stax Program

Well, what are you waiting for? If your business relies on Managed IT, Print, and Voice, you have the opportunity to reduce your overall costs and simplify your experience. Talk to a Marco rep today. 

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