Introducing Marco’s per User, per Device Pricing Model and What It Means for You

By: Trevor Akervik
March 14, 2019

Here at Marco, business print services have been a part of our core offering for decades. And during that time, we’ve kept ourselves on the leading edge of the industry, combining new technologies and strategies with our expertise to deliver services to our customers in the best ways we know how. And you know what? This is one arena where the proof really is in the pudding. To date, Marco is one of the top three Managed Print Service providers in the United States. And we have an announcement: We’ve updated our Managed Print Service (MPS) pricing model to include an unlimited print option.

When MPS Pricing Models Change

You might be wondering, If my managed service provider pricing changes, what does that mean for me? Well, if you’re currently receiving managed print services from us, know that nothing will change unless you want it to. The current MPS model isn't going anywhere. But for businesses who do switch to this new pricing model, there are two big things they're going to notice.

  1. An end to meter readings
  2. A more consistent monthly invoice

You see, our change to an unlimited print model could also be phrased as per device, per user pricing. This means that the amount each business invests in their MPS program is tied to the number of devices and the number of employees using those devices instead of print volume.

An End to Meter Readings

Introducing Marco’s Per User, Per Device Pricing Model and What It Means for YouIf you’re familiar with previous MPS pricing models, print volume pricing has been the industry standard for quite some time. This meant that the number of pages printed had a direct impact on how much a business paid for the management of their printers and copiers. This included having to submit meters regularly and pay an upcharge for any overages.

After listening to our customers and taking a hard look at this process, we decided using meter readings was an outdated approach that has more to do with splitting hairs than it does with serving our customers.

A More Consistent Monthly Invoice

Per device, per user pricing eliminates variable pricing and instead relies on a consistent monthly investment. For customers, this new MPS pricing model is simple to budget for and takes a more proactive stance, as opposed to a reactive one.

While this pricing model is new for our MPS offering, it’s been standard practice for our Managed IT Services (MIT) offering for ages. We have first-hand experience with how much businesses appreciate the consistency that comes with per device, per user pricing, and we’re excited to deliver this benefit to our MPS customers as well.

New MPS Pricing Model, Same Great Service

Even as the pricing model changes, it’s important to know that the service isn’t. Customers will still receive the same great service and support they’ve come to know with Marco, and now, that comes along with the enhancement of a flat monthly fee with no meter readings or overages – ever.

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